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Ahhh~~ I can't believe it! Boys are back this year with yet another awesome album! I'm loving all their songs and this also marks the comeback of Kangin after 2 years since enlisting to the army. So good to see Kang-bb back with the boys.

Awesome album case too. So big and siiiigh just completely gorgeous. 


The album is as big as my highschool yearbook! LOL I think that's what this album is about... Yearbook. Hard bound cover with 84 awesome picture pages of the boys in 6jib concept, which is, beautiful males. I seriously think this beautiful males concept is alot better than 5jib's uber sexy. But then again~ Ver B is coming up and 4 boys are darn nekked on the front cover album~ O.O If I had to add more information, pictures inside the album are all about my half-nekked boys. Anyways! That's another post at another time. I need to focus on Ver A which is just pure lovely. 

That's the sample pictures from the album. Gorgeous Hyuk~ why do they always want to cover your eyes~_~ heheh I swear, it feels like I'm going through a yearbook. 2012 SJ yearbook^^

At the end of the picture pages comes the CD which is just in an attached envelope. LOL. I know. So much for the grand cover album when the CD itself is placed in an envelope but who cares I just loooove this album so much.

^close up of the CD with its envelope

^I got leader for the photocard.

^mmmkay, gorgeous poster. Really big

but the paper quality suuuuucks big time!

I already ripped the bottom edges just from touching it



I'm really really in love with my album. This year's Ver A comes with 10 different text colours. I got the gold one. And hmmmmfff, what are the chances I`ll be getting the rest of the 9 colours T_________T
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