SS4 Tokyo Lightsticks~♥

I think those are the last official lightsticks for a while since SS4 has just ended and nothing is definite yet for SS5. ~I'm still being bitter that I missed SMTOWN Anaheim (that became a mini SS4) just because SM chickened out and didn't actually have SS4 America. So much for being SS4 WORLD TOUR. 


^close up. I think I prefer the design for SS4 Osaka.

^Nevertheless, GORGEOUS STICKS!

^That came with my lightsticks. I think that's the JELF version of
Opera that was only released during the SS4. I haven't seen what's in it
but I`ll tell~

I've also got some of the solo covers of Opera Single album and boy were they ever gorgeous! I wish the 6jib, which will be released on July 4th :)), will be as gorgeous as those. I will post the Opera albums once I've completed them. All are on the way. Totally worth spending for. Well, SJ always is anyways! But yea, hopefully hopefully, 6jib will have an awesome CD case. I wouldn't mind spending $$$$$$$ for the rumoured 10 solo 6jib covers again if the CD will be soo gorgeous. I mean hey that's a single album and they surely made an effort so why not make even more effort on a full album, eh?
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