Naisho.. Naisho Opera♫

Just got my Opera Japanese single album CD + DVD version. And I say I looooove the Opera MV. 


^The poster. It's quite abit bigger than the Japanese posters I've had so far.
love the poster but where do I hang it up? T___T

^Front cover :)

^sneak peak!

^back cover

^mini booklet.

sigh. Apparently Opera Single Album has released more and more versions~.~ Particularly 9 solo covers, that DVD version and the Japan-ELF version. siiiiigh. And knowing myself, I just have to have everything. Whenever I see people posting their own covers, I'd be like, why couldn't I get that? Why don't I have that too.... I get super envious right away and it's making me crazzzzzy. I think I'm sick :( Sooo yep, I decided to get them all and god, were they such fortunes :( All for SuJu, I guess.

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