Happy Birthday Eunhyuk-bb~!♥

Yay!!!! Today is Eunhyuk's 27th and I just got my 2 lovely Eunhyuk Jewel lightsticks!!!!!!!~ *doing a happy dance*
They are soooooo pretty! Especially the wannabe lightstick. OMG. I can't wait for the day I can wave it around..........

^Wannabe lighstick.

They are sooooo hard to find. I'm just sooo lucky that a site from Indonesia happened to have the last Wannabe lightstick and that she actually ships international. I owe her sooo much! T___T

^SmileforHyuk lightstick

Actually, I was only eyeing for the Wannabe lightstick but what can you do right? I always get tempted with any SuJu product. Shove it to my face and I'm definitely getting it. LOL.

SMTOWN Anaheim on May 20th.
I cannot go T_________T Stupid SM, trolling on us with endless SMTOWN concerts when they are supposed to give us SS4! WTF. I would cry blood if they totally ditched SS4. I hope I'm making the right decision by not seeing this concert for SS4. T_________T
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