SMTOWN Live in Tokyo Special Edition

Yeah~ meet someone crazier than me, can you? -.- After my excruciating dilemma, I had decided to just get it. Sorry Sorry Answer performance has won me. I wanted a copy of that performance so bad that the thought of being bankrupt forever lost to the will of getting this $160 DVD Set. T___T Plus, when I went to pick this baby up at the postal, they asked me to pay another 15bucks for customs handling fee! I'm like whaaaaat! This is the very first time I was asked to pay up. Like freagg, dude, didn't I just mention I was about to declare bankruptcy???? I am never ever going to buy from that site ever again! grr.

Anyways, that aside, like I said I got this baby because of Sorry Sorry Performance and it's all worth it. KRY, you beautiful people. T.T When I watched the intro of the DVD, it sent shivers down my spine. It made me relive my NYC experience. such goosebumps. It's not even SS4 yet I'm having shivers...... I seriously have to have money to see the boys T.T


^What it looks like inside. 

^The DVD. The DVD case is like SS3 Concert Album 
and 2jib DVD repack case.

There are 3 CDs included in this limited edition

^First disc, Tokyo Dome

^2nd Disc, Tokyo Dome Continuation
3rd Disc, National Yoyogi Stadium. Heenim -.- 

^Photobook included.

^sample page from the photobook

^SMTOWN shirt included. 
meh. Ya think I'd wear it? :P

sigh. I hope SM would released SS4 Tokyo DVD. And when they do I hope it has special edition
and be as pretty and big as SMTOWN's :)

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