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This is Kim Soo Hyun's follow up drama after Dream High. I was debating before as to whether to watch it or not since I'm not a huge fan of Saeguk drama. The word "saeguk" alone makes me want to stay away from it as much as possible without even trying the drama out. I've watched some before but that's only because my favourites were in there. ie. Lee Junki's Iljimae and.... and.... errr, yea I think that's the only Saeguk drama I've watched LOL!

Anyways, so I've been hearing great things about this drama. The ratings shot up right away and this was really MBC's new hope. I went to Dramabeans and I saw that they are reviewing this drama so it must be really good. Since I loooove SooHyun-bb, I said, why not try it 

and OMG T_____T It's just starting yet it's definitely one of the best saeguk dramas I've seen.......

(then again, there's only Iljimae I can compare it with. HUR)

The story is about the young prince being betrothed to the girl he fell in love with at the first meet. However, circumstances in the palace and people wanting to rise to power that led them to a tragic separation. Years had past; the prince was married to another woman however the pain of his loss had never left him at all. He had turned into a cold-hearted King. He will then meet a shaman. Little did he know that the shaman was actually his first love. He will notice similar things between this shaman and his first love which then leads him to open his 'dead' heart again.

awwwwww. :( Saeguk dramas usually start with childhood years and this is how this drama captivated me. The kids are such good actors. The played their roles so well that I was bawling my eyes out by Episode 5 T____T I didn't know until I wiki-ed it that the two kids playing the future Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In were actually the kids from Iljimae too!!!! Such coincidence that is!

^That was them during Iljimae years....

^And that is them now!!! OMG SO CUTE.
and such talented actors too.
It's no wonder why the ratings are soaring up high.

And I believe Kim Soo Hyun and the rest will live up to where these kids have left off. 

It would be nice if I would get to see those kids together in a drama again for the 3rd time and when that time comes, hopefully it's actually them as the main actors. Seriously so much chemistry. Although I wanted to see SooHyun in action but the kids were making me wish their airtime was longer. siiiigh.

Happy Lunar New Year!
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