Non-SJ stuff today :) Honestly, I'm just waiting for my Eunhyuk ligshticks to come and that's it. I think I'm through getting SJ stuff for a while.... Unless you count my big dilemma about SMTown in Tokyo Live DVD. Should I buy it or not? But that's for 140bucks!!!! T___T If I wanted to come and see SS4 North America, I seriously have to have a stop button in me from buying goodies. Such big temptations they are.

I got these off of YG site: ygeshop.com. They ship internationally and the registration was pretty easy (with English translation) but purchasing them was when it got tricky.. Oh wells, they safely reached me so I guess I ordered them right xDD


2NE1's 2nd mini album. It's the same packing as their first one and it's just gorgeous. I seriously think YG  makes the best album cases ever.

SM? /snort.

Anyways I decided to get this since this is by far where my most favourite 2NE1 songs come from. Seriously, if only I had the money in the world, I would have purchased all albums of the artists I like.... But SJ, my loves, is my top priority. All my hardwork earned money should go to them first.... ~_^

^Seriously one of the best official lighsticks the Kpop wonderland has ever made!

^It reminds me of Sailormoon's sceptre sooo much!
HAHAHAAH. I guess 2NE1's colour is white?

^I decided to get it since it's just beyond beautiful.

^couldn't get enough of it.
My very first lightstick that is not Super Junior. 
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