Cat Street

It's beautiful.
One of the most touching series I have ever read.
I won't forget how I satisfied I was after reading this manga.
I'll never get tired of it no matter how many
time i read it.
It's simply beautiful.
Too beautiful to put it in words.
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you're absolutely right! in my country is licensed and I buyed all the volumes, and I'm so happy 'cause it's a great manga. <3
Good thing that it is liscened in your country. i wish it would get liscened in Canada too so that I could ouwn it. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
oooh yeah!! i really like this series!! i just finish reading it too!! its really just kind of sad that it ended already!>
Thank you so much for talking about this manga <3 Because of you, I read such a wonderful manga =] Otherwise, I would've badly judged it and wouldn't read it xP
you're welcome. im glad you've taken a chance to read this manga~ its really wonderful