SS3 DVD^_^

It's finally here!

^SS3 DVD!!!!!


So yea.I've been waiting for more than a year for this DVD to be released and pure bliss. But of course, the poster is no different than any of the repeat SS3 posters. LOL. I'm so glad I asked it to be folded or else........

^This DVD should be rated as Rated R.
LOL. Too much skin exposure and I've lost my blood 
from too much nosebleeding! I couldn't handle too much hotness
radiating from the boys. LOL

^inside sneak peak! :)

^mini booklet included.
The pictures were pretty much the same as the photobook.

^sample page!

Now all I need is SS4 DVD both Korea and Japan Version and I'm a happy and contented fangirl =D
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