ill T.T

I've been bedridden for days thanks to mr. flu that I once again was unable to get to work for four freagin days T.T And I've used up all of my sick leaves when I went to New York T____T Now no one's paying me for the almost entire week of absence. Flu, you suck. get the hell away from me~_~

Oh wells. I'm all better now. I'm coming to work for tomorrow then I'm off to my dad's for Christmas celebration. woo-hoo! 

Anyways, got 2 parcels a couple of days ago and oh boy, I couldn't even get up to open my parcels. 

^2012 Super Junior Calendars.
So freagin gorgeous~

^That's the Japanese Version Calendar. I didn't actually expect that
it was going to be that huuuge O.O

^sits up like that.

^11 photos to choose from for your calendar main image

^Wall and Desk Calendars Korean Versions.
The desk on is more detailed in terms of dates since it has the Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun labels
under the weekly category. Also it has more photos.

The wall calendar is really huge! I'd love to hang that up on my wall. (Yeaaaahh, I think I do have some room for that? =P)
But Korean Calendars tend to just have pure numbers on there for some reason.
How could I use that for my daily activities?!

^My SMTOWN Winter Album.
I wasn't going to get that actually since there's only one song from SJ in there but upon hearing that
they will be singing in English...... kdshkfdjldfgfdlkgjldj!!!  A TOTALLY MUST GET!
so there! I got the Silver version. there's also a gold version.

^sneak peak inside!
yea. just like any other SJ album case. /smh.


T.T I couldn't thank enough my cousin for always being so kind to do me tons of favours. Yea, I am thick-skinned
for always asking for favours but what should I do when Japanese fans get all these cool stuff and 
no international sites even bother to sell it T______T

^really beautiful, aren't they? sniff.

^MUHAHAHHAAHHAHA! I finally found a
bigger lightstick holder! It's a fish tank LMAO.
Oh wells. Every lighstick fits in there now! ;D

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