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I finally watched Breaking Dawn a couple of nights ago and I say it was better than I had expected. Of course the book will always be better but it's good enough. It just kinda sucked how there wasn't really much conversations between Jacob and Edward in the movie. In the book, I think one of its turning points was how Jacob and Edward worked together to ease the pain Bella was going through the pregnancy. It pains them seeing Bella in agony. They have enough conversation in the book without actually killing each other. I liked the part where Jacob realized how Edward couldn't possibly hate him all the way even though they are both aiming for Bella's love. The reason was, Edward couldn't simply hate something or someone that loves Bella. His world is all about Bella. He appreciates anyone who loves Bella and that includes Jacob and the child whom he used to despise but upon learning how much the child loves Bella, he gives in.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the movie. It would take me forever if I had to go through my book to list my quotes so I`ll just go with the movie. LOL

"No measure of time with you will be long enough. But let's start with forever." - Edward

Side Comment: The best quote ever.

"Bella, we're supposed to be partners, remember? But you decided this on your own, you've decided to leave me." - Edward

Side Comment: I like how Edward brought up the issue of one of the most common problems in marriage. That is, how do couples handle the circumstances they are in? Edward mentioned that they were supposed to be in every trial together. That both parties should get to have a say. Bella has decided to carry on with the pregnancy which Edward has strongly opposed from the very start. I think that this is really where the problems in marriage lies. Not enough communication. Both have closed their minds to what might one has to say. 

"I'm sorry I've been so angry...... I've left you all alone in this" - Edward

Side Comment: And... one of the many reasons why I like Edward as a character. He knows when to get mad and he knows when it's time to give way and apologize. Like I mentioned above, married couples end up divorcing due to lack of communication. Everything ends up with yelling at each other, frustrations and disappointments. However, in this scene, Edward tries to open up his mind with the idea that maybe, they are still partners who still want things to work out. That they are still in it together. Setting aside that fact the he doesn't wholeheartedly agree with Bella's decision, he is supposed to help Bella to get through this since it's already there, fast and growing, and that maybe it's about time to not let her think she`s all alone in the battle.

"I won't kill you. That would be too easy. You deserve to live with this." - Jacob

Side Comment: Nothing is crueler and more painful than being left alone in the world, if the reason of your existence has departed you. You would rather die than than live through the agony of not being with the person you loved the most. Although I already knew what would happen in the next scene, I still ended up shedding tiny tears when I heard Jacob say this. 

And hello, Booboo.......why do you live in another century?

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