SS3 Japan DVD + GD Album~_^

Got some cool goodies in the mail today! :D I was actually surprised to see them today as YesAsia just shipped this last week and usually stuff from YesAsia, I'd get them in like 2-3 weeks later. So I just didn't see these coming today yet here they are! :D

^The Super Show 3 Japan DVD.

The DVD looks like any ordinary Japanese DVDs that SM/Avex releases. I was actually hoping that I would get some solo peformances from this DVD but boo... SM/Aven's too stingy to even do some fanservice eh.... I can never own Eunhyuk's Down T___T

^What the DVD looks like on the the inside.


^The photobook that's included and a page of what in it.

^G-Dragon first solo Album!

MHWHAHAHAHA! So I finally got to own him! I hate that it's sold out everywhere. That's just insane. And I'm just glad I have this already. phew. And as much as beautiful this album is, it's quite hard to find your way through the CD. LOL. It's a bit complicated when taking everything off just to get the CD. LOL. oh wells. gorgeous album case, anyhow.

^cool eh? but yea, quite hard to open. heh

^a sample page of his photobook.

That's all for now!!! I hope SM remembers to release SS3 Korean DVD? Yeah?
Cuz at the moment, I am now craving for SS4 Korean DVD =D

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