SS3 Concert Live Album

^Auuugh! Seriously. Doesn't SM have a slightest clue that fans do collect posters 
and that repetitive posters are just simply a big way to milk out of fans' money???

My SS3 Concert Album has just arrived today. Though I was, as usual, excited unwrapping my package but the moment I unrolled the poster and saw what it looked like, I cringed with too much annoyance. Why does SM seriously do this? Now I've got more repeat posters than I thought I would have. I mean, sure yes it's an SJ poster but when you're on the verge of bankruptcy (yes I am!), you can't help but feel like your money is going down the drain with too many similar unneeded posters. sigh If I had known ahead, I wouldn't have ordered the album with the the poster. ~_~ Now why do I get the feeling that SS3 DVD will have the exact same poster only even more smaller than it has shrunk now? x__X

^The concert album this time is like SJ 2nd jib repack with DVD.
It's a bulky case. Gorgeous song compilations, BTW. I can't get "I wanna love you" out of my mind.

^flip over the case and that's the back cover.

^What's inside :)

^mini booklet included 

^A comparison of just how much the poster that came with the live album has shrunk
from the huge and gorgeous poster that came with SS3 Photobook.

That's it~! :) My eyes have been feeling so heavy these past few weeks. I think I'm not getting a good sleep again. /yawn.

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