SMTOWN Live World Tour 2011 in New York City!

Sooo! What a wonderful weekend I had *7th heaven* SMTOWN NYC was on October 23rd and it was just one of my best nights ever! The boys have proven yet again that they are just so worth of my time, effort, money and flight! I am still in disbelief that I flew all the way to New York (coast to coast travelling, I did) just to see Super Junior. I have never been to New York all my life so thanks to my boys that I get to see the city that never sleeps. 

sigh. Just anything for SuJu, eh? :D

To start off, my flight to NYC was on October 22nd. My airport and hotel were in Newark, New Jersey. It's a 30 minute away from New York. I decided to go for Newark International since JFK International was just way too expensive. I'm already broke as it is :( I flew in with my mom and my friend who was the one that nicely got the ticket for me. 

We arrived at NYC around late afternoon and so we decided to go see the Times Square. People are saying that Times Square is best viewed at night and boy, were they ever right!



That is what Times Square looks like at night. Very bright, very busy, very crowded. But the best thing about Times Square?
^The SMTOWN Advertisement!


There are so many big screens in Times Square that I don't even know where to look for the ad. My mom said it would take us all night just to check which of these screens will SuJu appears. LOL. As we continued walking down the street, my friend squealed like there was no tomorrow as she happened to see the SM ad on an LG screen! So we basically just stopped and waited for a few minutes to rewatch the ad as we missed it as my friend saw the ad quite late. It took I think 5-7 minutes for the ad to appear again and BAM! I saw SUJU and I squealed and went crazy about it! LOL. That alone had alreadt sent to cloud 9, what more could have happen if I would see the real thing the following morning, right? :D

Soooooo! The day of the concert!

The concert didn't start till 7 at night so of course we went for some city tour first. We've gone to see the Statue of Liberty. We only got to see her back profile as the people have informed us that the view from Liberty State Park in New Jersey is the closest compared to New York's Battery Park. Although we could only view her back profile, they said, it's the closest view we could ever get without actually riding on a ferry. The second picture is the view of New York City from New Jersey.
 Then there's the Empire State Building which we just took a picture from afar. It was beautiful. 



We had our lunch at Kyochon Chicken! I specifically googled it before getting to NY. It's just a must-eat place. The inside of the restaurant looked immaculate. So elite even their stairs. The food was good. I loooove chicken and they offer different kinds of chicken with different flavours. I've got the crispy fried rice. It was good! How I wish my city had Kyochon Chicken ~_~

Around 3pm, we decided to go to MSG since we've basically finished going to the places we must see in the city. When we got there, I was surprised by the line up inside the venue. O.O So I went further inside to check what was the line up for and it was the selling of goodies!


This booth had taken me by surprise and confused me by alot! Because the $100 merchandise I had paid for wouldn't start giving out till 5pm (that's what it said when they emailed me) but there was really no one to ask about that so we ended up lining with the peeps too and fml, when I finally got to the booth, after hours and hours of lining up, the guy told me that there was actually a specific booth for the VIP merchandise AND JUST FLKFJDGFJLDFJFLJGLJGFDFGLKGFDLDJGF! Thank you so much for setting up a sign that says VIP MERCHANDISE FREAKING PICK UP HERE!

And I feel like crying ;;__;; These are the items you would get for paying the $100 merchandise. It clearly said in the website that they are not selling any items unless you paid for it ahead and JUST FML. Those are some of the items they were selling at the booth and I freaking do not want any of these. Couldn't I get to choose what I wanted for my VIP Merchandise???? What's the freaking point of saying the package is a VIP Merchandise where everyone gets to own any of this + they even get to choose what they want with their own money. JUST FML.

This is what the SMTOWN lighstick look like.


Seriously, I would never ever buy any pre-paid package ever again without knowing what comes with it. It's like throwing out a 100bucks in the garbage purposely. And it's not like I could sell them anyways. No one would want these that's for sure. But if the concert is a Super Junior concert and they have a prepaid package, I surely would purchase that in a heartbeat. I just know I would love them. But SMTOWN package? you people better have second thoughts ~_~

And the sad part was when I got back to the booth, the Super Junior poster had run out ;;_;;

I was really depressed by the poor organization of their booth. When I got inside MSG, apparently there were still more booths inside that sold the exact same items and they did have Super Junior poster in them! I'M LIKE WTF? You could have told the people, "sold out but some other booth would probably have them" JUST FDKDSKJFGJGFDGFDJGFDKFGKJGFLGF! I ended up not buying the poster, I was just furious as it is.

Though I did purchase an Eunhyuk fan. :)

SOOO! In the heart of Madison Square Garden! Oh boy, I didn't know my seat was this close! Dude, they didn't even have any bag checks at all! Well, I wasn't that scared as I was at Staples since Staples had metal detectors yet I was able to get in with my video camera. But then, MSG didn't even had any bag checks at all! I really pity those people who worried alot with the camera they wanted to bring. ~_~ Anyways, my friend and I unknowingly sat at Section 103 Row 8 Seat 9 and 10 (CLICK TO SEE THE MISTAKEN SEAT LOCATION) but then a few minutes after, I remember that our seat was the first seat section next to the standing area. I'm seeing the elevated chairs ahead of me and was like, what were those for. I thought our seat section was the closest???? And then some guy went to our seat claiming my seat. LOL. That was so embarrassing. So yea stupid me, we sat on the wrong seats when ours were actually closer than that! /knocks head. The picture above gives you the gist of how close we were from the stage AND OMG THAT SERIOUSLY FELT HEAVEN!

Now onto the Super Junior pictures~ I've just capped the pictures from my videos.


























hehe I am deeply sorry for the Hyuk-domination in my caps. You can only shake your head with a biased fan :P

My fancams! It totally blew me away at how close I could zoom in to their faces. The seat was just sooo freaking close; I could do anything! :D

Sorry Sorry Answer -
^My very first time watching the boys singing ballad live and I'm just........ too dazed.

A-YO -
^EUNHYUK♥. Ahhh~

Bonamana -

Introduction -
^It's kinda sad how the boys never introduced themselves individually in LA. They didn't even speak in English. Just Siwon. Oh wells.

Perfection -

Miracle -
^the first part was cut off. don't ask -_- I don't know either why I had cut that off while taping. LOL

Dancing out -
^The boys are just everywhere here and just jumping around

Sorry Sorry -

Mr. Simple -
^I was expecting an A-CHA and Superman too but /shrugs. I guess those are saved up for SS4? :D

Don't Don -
^one word. AMAZING.

Eunhyuk Dance Exhibition -
^the bb is just soo good. I'm at loss for words.

U -
^You hear U at an SMTOWN concert and you feel like crying, because you know the SuJu-experience is soon to be over :tears:

^must watch!

Mr Simple [different angle]
^This is my mom's fancam, YES MY MOM'S! :D of Mr. Simple. I have uploaded this as this showed the beautiful blue sea at SMTOWN NYC :)

AND SO! That ends my post. It's just sad how good things to come to an end. Siwon wasn't able to attend the concert as he got caught up with his drama. I just knew it; the moment they announced his drama, I had the feeling he wouldn't make it to the concert :-\ Oh well, I guess I will see him and the rest of the boys at SS4 NORTH AMERICA? xDD

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