^슈주세계제패 = SuJu World Domination

Sooo just got this in the mail! :)) This is a support towel I got from SJW. I decided to get this since hey, it's SJ World Domination!! I just love the print and I'm happy that the boys have seen this at the concert venue. I'm bringing this to NYC and I just hope I remember to hold it up. LOL. The last time, I had my binocular, my little Canada flag to wag and guess what, I was super starstruck that I totally forgot anything else but SuJu and to videotape them. LOLOLOL! 

Also, I ordered the 2011 lightstick. I didn't know there was a 2011 version. Of course, knowing me, it's a must get! :)

^yea cool, hey?

AAAAAHHHHHH 5 DAYS♥ and it just couldn't get any faster~_~
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