Super Junior, the last man standing

^yeaah~ 5th album Ver B! :)

got the package today..... And can I say, I love Canada Post now. They've become way faster after their 2 week-strike. This was mailed on Friday and got it today, Tuesday. Like wow! My EMS payment is so worth it.

^cover album.
The size of the album is the regular one.
Just like their previous CD cases.
Yknow I don't like it but the jacket photos are beautiful.
Said enough.

^back side

^sneak peak of what it looked like inside
+ group photocard taken when they won
their first win on Music Bank

^some pages of the booklet. nice eh?
I say better jacket photos compared to Ver A.

^The poster. I really really loved the poster!
Image-wise and size-wise.
See how big it is compared to 3jib's posters.

SMTOWN IN New York on October 23rd!!!!! ON MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!! ON MY 23RD YEAR ON EARTH!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! Such a nice late birthday present! See you soon, my bbs~♥
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