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So my 5jib copy already came! I seriously didn't see it coming so soon as I thought I would have to wait for a few more weeks because of the purchasing plan KELF was implementing. But... this beautiful thing was suddenly on my bed! ^0^  Well, my mom happened to be at home earlier than me so she received it from the mailman. Good thing she was here or else, I might have to pick it up at the postal again.~___~
 ^So I got Ryeowook as my cover. And Oh man! Fureeeeaking gorgeous.
The album is bigger and heavier and hard covered.

Like I said in my previous post about SS3 Photobook, I have a tendency to bitch alot at how SM's just recycle the album cases and I hated...... despised it to the maximum! x__X But NOT THIS TIME! Apparently, SM's heed my prayers and whooooa! This is just beyond beyond! I am seriously loving at how SM promoted my boys this year. It started with a 2 week notice about the upcoming album (last year was one week) and teaser photos of the boys came out everyday within those 2 weeks. Then we had 2 MV teasers and now this! this, this humungous and beautiful album! 
^That's what it looks like once you opened the album.
It's kind of a Victory Korea album case but way way way better!


^The 10 large individual photos are placed on the right
side of the album. You have to slide them out.
Just like how you would pull out some papers from a folder

^The 10 large photos :)
Both sides of the pictures have 2 shots of the members.

^Back side of the album ^^

^HUGE poster.
But I can't put that thing up on my wall, can I?

Anyways overall, I love the 5jib. Both the songs and the case itself.

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