Hankyung DVD: Geng Xin Concert DVD

After what seemed like forever........... I meant, 2 and a half months, my Geng Xin Concert DVD finally came! OMG was it soo GORGEOUUUUSSS! Totally worth the wait. oh man, can't believe I was able to wait that long!

I got this from Dangdang since that's the only site where I could get more options other than the DVD itself. (YesAsia is only selling the DVD) For tutorials, you can go here:
http://geng-bao.livejournal.com/169059.html They were such a big help to me figuring out how to order from Dangdang. I'm telling you, it's not easy. You must love Hankyung that much to get through Dangdang since that site is such a pain in the neck! HAHAHA. And well, I do love Hankyung like uber much so there! It took me alot of patience. =P Oh wells, good thing it was all worth it. This thing is pure beauty. :D

^This is the first case. It had a DVD case and
a box with dog tag in it.

^The DVD Case and dog tag box!

^What's inside the case!!!
3 DVDs include: concert, 58 minutes extra footage,
and Geng Xin Movie MV.

^Poster. I seriously hate it when they fold the poster
and they don't really give the customer some options
as to whether they wanted the posters rolled or folded.

yeaah hot.

Can't wait to watch it!! :D
I'm going international~

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