Dream High DVD

Yiip! I finally got my Dream High DVD set. I'd say I've had better DVDset with beautiful cases (Prosecutor Princess DVD set is the most beautiful I owned) but yeah, this is good enough. =D I'm just a bit disappointed that the concert didn't include Maybe, My Valentine, Can't forget. They are soo stingy!!!!!!!!!! x__x! guess I`ll never be able to own Maybe =.=

^These are the DVD Cases. 3 each per box.

^What the DVD looks like

^The 2 huuuuge posters!
And when I say huge, they're totally humungous! :D
Yknow, I really should move to a bigger bedroom. It sucks that all of my
pretty posters are just rolled up and kept in my shelf =.=

^The postcards that are included.
I'm still watching the DVD. I'm only up to 4th episode but I already saw some of the scenes that didn't make on TV. Some of them were yup, unnecessary hence they didn't need to broadcast it but others were too cute to cut off!

^LOL! this is the part where Hye Mi helped Sam Dong to fix his appearance. They first went
to Hye Mi's salon and her stylist was criticizing Sam Dong so bad! LOL.
And the stylist said it would cost them around $300 and Hye Mi was like,
"Well, just lemme know what's there to be fixed". And so the stylist went on and
told them what he's about to do to groom him. It turns out, Hye Mi just wanted an advice and she`d
just do the hair cutting herself! LOL! That surely saved Sam Dong so much money. HHAHAHAH.

^Awww ~___~
It's because of Hye Mi's sharp tongue that cuts through people
so bad that Hye Sung had no choice but to say that.=.=

I guess this now finally ends my Dream High addiction. Now that I've gotten all I need, I can finally let it go. I will miss you so much, Dream High and SamMi bb~♥ Thanks much for the fun times and addiction. :D You're all worth my time and money.

This is my new music crack!
Baby Goodbye♫

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