SS3 concert book

^If SM continues to release HQ Super Junior items such as these,
I surely don't mind going bankrupt.

I received a couple of packages today. One was SS3 Concert Photobook and the other one was G-Dragon's safety pin earrings. 
^I mostly bitch about SuJu-items (especially CDs) that SM put 
on sale but not this time. I was super pleased when I opened the
package and this gorgeous thing was in it.

^The book is super thick and it was hard cover
with really HQ pictures. Waaay better book compared to
any Boys in City photobooks they released so far.

hmmm wait, does that mean I'm not getting
any Boys in City photobook this year then????

^In the book, they also included way bigger images
of the boys (total of 10 individual pages) such as Eunhyuk's.
I'm super delighted with this book.
It exceeded my exceptions.

^To make this book an even more more more
awesome book, SM (God bless their hearts) decided to
include English and Japanese translations of their
messages! Eeeeps. One of those days when
SM wins me. ♥ Continue to cater to us, fans, and
I`ll love you to death. HAHA.

Will it be seriously too much to ask if
I could get future merchandises with English translations?


^Special Gift that was included with the book.
This is just a folder and what's inside are
the gorgeous postcards.

^Postcards that are yeaaah, like I would send these
to anyone by snail mail. LOOOOL!

^a quick peak on what its like
to open the folder.

^ahhhh~ Did I mention I loved SM for releasing such a huge
book and a huge poster??? Lately, I've been disappointed by
how SJ's posters have shrunk their size. They were small
and of course, I have bitched about them in my old posts but....

eeeppss. This poster is huuuuge. As big as 3jib threesome posters,
3jib repack and SS1 & 2 live album posters.
TOO BEAUTIFUL! I wanted this hanged up on my wall but no room
TT_____TT Why is my room so freaking small?
I guess I could take down some posters?
All of them are too awesome to bring down.
Ahhhh... should I just move out then? =P

^G-Dragon's safety pin earrings. LOVE THEM!

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