Obviously, Bijin^_^

^yay. gorgeous. Canada Post shut its service down for like 2 weeks(?) and I've been crazily waiting for my parcels to come which at the time were stuck at their warehouse. One came and 2 more to come. Hopefully they`ll come next week??? Pleaseeee.

Anyways that's the 美人 Bonamana Japanese Single Album. It included a CD and a DVD. There's like 4 versions of this single album and I've got the one with the DVD so far. (I'm planning to get all.... YES ALL! since I've got nothing better to spend my work hard money for. LOLOL. No seriously, I want the 4 versions for keepsake... and yes SUJU-crazy I am. :P)
^This is the back view of the album. LOL.
Yea, we all thought this would be the cover album but
nopes! Avex decided to put it at the back. ROFL

^It's Ryeowook who I got for my photocard^__^

^greaaat. :D

To end this post, I shall include Bijin! I had to rip this off of my CD cuz stupid MNET won't let the song play since its DRM. like dammmit, I paid for it and I can't even play it????? Apparently I had to purchase a song card that allows DRM songs to be played on your player but again, stupid MNET doesn't allow overseas peeps downloading their song cards.. GRRRRR... Gimme back my 600 won!

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