G-L-A-M-0-R-O-U-S. The glamorous

My very first Japanese magazine ever!!! Thanks SuJu bbs. Because of you, I was able to own a Japanese magazine. LOL! So yup, my newest SJ collection. Only Leeteuk, Heechul and Yesung were featured in this magazine with a total of 6 gorgeous pages but oh wells. It was worth it *wink* I got the magazine from Amazon Japan and was for 650 yen (~$6.50) but ohhh boy! knowing Japanese goodies, I knew it somehow would killed me. and I was soo right. The shipping killed me. TT____TT It was for 3000yen (~$30) like OMG. Since when did the shipping cost a fortune for a 7bucks item? Buuuuut, it was freaking expensive for a reason. I got the goody in 3 days which was like the fastest shipping I've ever had! (screw DVDHeaven, they weren't as fast as before. I now receive items in EMS shipping 5 days at the earliest. grr)

^Yeah~ We love Super Junior!
I can see my ugly fingers. LOL

^I thought this was such a cute shot

^Like yeah~ I could read that. =.=
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