Bokura Ga Ita Quotes~

"I believe we meet the most important people in our life one at a time."
- Yano Motoharu (Chap 22)

That is my all time favourite quote from the manga 僕等がいた (We were there). That manga has been going around, figuring out who Motoharu really loved, and I think he answered the readers' curiosity with that one line. And I agree with him. Nana and Nanami are the two important girls in his life he could never pick who he had loved more as the girls came into his life at different times. Nana was his first love. Regardless of how much pain that love has brought him, there's just no way he could ever condemn that important woman.

"I can't hate her. How could I hate the girl I loved so much?" - Motoharu (Chap 16)

It is unnecessary to actually discuss "what ifs" here (ie "What if Nana and Nanami came to him at the same time) as it never really happened or will it ever happen. He met Nana first for a reason. That is, to discover and to learn about love because in the next chapters of his life, another girl named Nanami will come into his life and make him realize this,

"It's not zero. It's been prime plus since I met you Takahashi. I'd been living all this time to meet you." - Motoharu (Chap 31)

I seriously think Bokura Ga Ita is such a great love story. It went the depths of moving on, understanding, timing, and faith.


I was being all emo again and felt like I should once again visit my manga shelf. I spotted Bokura Ga Ita and read it at one go. It made me remember how much I loved this manga. Even now, it still has the power to make me cry and empathize with the characters. It's just wonderfully written despite how everyone says it's too draggy, that there were unnecessary dramas and complications that's beyond someone their age could handle. Bokura Ga Ita will still remain one of my favourite manga series ever!

I shall share quotes that really captured me from the manga:

(Chap 5) "I know the person you really, really like is gone... and I can't imagine how lonely that must be. But there are still people who really, really like you. If you think of it that way, you're not at absolute zero, right?" - Nanami

Side comment: I really think this is the part when Motoharu starts to open up to Nanami. That's because she always reasons things out on the brighter side. Nanami brings the best out of Motoharu. She'd thought of giving up on him a lot of times, yet she always saw the good in him that made it harder for her to leave him.

(Chap 7) "When she is around, my guard drops" - Motoharu

Side comment: ♡

(Chap 12) "I'd change my past if it were possible. I'd change it however I could to stop you from crying. But that's impossible, isn't it? I can't change my past. So let's create a present that's better than my past." - Motoharu

(Chap 13)
Motoharu: I don't like that word "memories". Human memories aren't reliable. You can believe something without color was in color. Your brain will add something or just glorify it. Memories make you believe what happened was better than it actually was. So I don't believe in those so-called "beautiful memories".
Nanami: Then what do you believe in?
Motoharu: Nana-chan. Definitely you, Nana-chan. Because you're right here in front of my eyes.

Side comment: The subject "memories" became one of the most tackled in the book. It emphasizes memories and how memories tend to be different from what has actually had happened. The characters keep talking about memories that were still fresh in their minds, yet they were afraid that those memories might actually be something their minds had created.

(Chap 15)
Nanami: You told me not to betray you but here you go and betray me.
Motoharu: Betraying someone isn't like that. Shall I tell you what it means to betray someone? It is when you never treat someone special, tramp all over him, tear him to pieces and then abandon him. Can't you tell how special you are to me? Can't you tell how hard I'm trying to keep us together? When have I ever betrayed you? When did I ever toss you away?

(Chap 17)
"Love is all about timing. If you don't say the right thing at the moment, no matter how much fate is involved in the relationship, everything will be ruined. Even if you regret it, it will be too late." - Takeuchi

Side comment: I will always love this quote from Takeuchi.

(Chap 19)
"The way to forget your last love is to fall in love again. You immerse yourself in the present. If your new love is real then the love you felt before will fade away naturally." -Takeuchi's sister

"You don't find a new love because you've forgotten your old love. You forget your old love because you've found a new love. The only way to heal a broken heart is with love." -Takeuchi's sister

Side comment: These. Two of the most memorable quotes in Bokura Ga Ita. It says so much of the story.

(Chap 20)
"You've annoyed me from the start. You're so selfish. You stir up my feelings; grab hold of them and then you leave me just like that. You're heartless. But even so, I still love you." - Motoharu

Nanami: You said you'd change your past if it were possible. But you can't. So what would be a present that's better than your past?
Mototharu: It's simply this: You're here and I'm here.

(Chap 21) "Why do the things I really want just pass me by? Anyone I want near me will leave and what I don't want keeps repeating itself. Always, my expectations are never met and my luck never lasts. My life never goes as I want it to. But... If good luck can turn into misfortune, then there must be a way to reverse it back. I must believe that to continue living..." - Motoharu

(Chap 22) "Nana-san didn't mean to leave you. You two just passed each other without knowing. That's all." -Nanami

Side Comment: Again, love is all about timing. You meet the most important people in your life one at a time. Nana and Motoharu had their time. Sadly, they ended up missing each other, without knowing.

(Chap 24) "I can't wait till we're adults. I want to grow up so we can be together." - Motoharu.

Nanami: It'd be nice if eternity existed.
Motoharu: It does. I'm sure of it.

"His face, shining in the darkness... And all the starts in the night sky had gathered in his eyes. That 17-year-old boy who told me eternity exists. I can still remember it clearly even now. Long after we became adults, after our childlike belief in eternity faded. But then back then time had stopped. We were the only two people in the entire world. The moment seemed so real,yet so like a dream. It lasted forever but was gone in the blink of an eye. We were still young and we carried eternity in our hearts." - Nanami

(Chap 26) "There's a limit to what you can do. It's important to work hard at it. But no one can ever truly understand someone else. Just like he can't do exactly what you want him to do, Takahashi, you won't be able to understand exactly what he wants you to understand. It's just the way things are. People think differently." - Takeuchi

Side Comment: And this is where Motoharu and Nanami's root of all their problems lies. Both are being hard on themselves to please each other. The moment things wouldn't go their way, they would have a row of fights and misunderstandings. Because they're being too hard on themselves.

(Chap 28) "Yano! I`m not applying in Tokyo for you. It's for me. I just hope my path will cross yours somewhere. Thats what I truly hope" - Nanami

Side Comment: One of my favourite lines from Nanami. I like how she thinks her world shouldn't be only revolving around Motoharu. Although that might be the case 5 years later, I still liked how she thinks of herself too and her plans in her life. She already has left it to fate about when, how, and where she and Motoharu would meet.

(Chap 29) "I may regret not telling him. I may never know if it was the right thing to do. I don't know if I'm following my fate or going against it. But there is one thing I want and that is for Yano's wish to come true. My wish will become Yano's wish and his wish will become mine. That's how we'll keep supporting each other" - Nanami

(Chap 30)

Nanami: (sleep talking) Yano.
Yano: Yeah?

Nanami: You're an idiot.
Yano: -_-

Nanami: I lied. I love you.
Yano: (touched by her sleep talk)

Nanami: Yano.
Yano: Yeah?

Nanami: Do you still want Nana-san to be with you instead?
Yano: ....

Side Comment: After this scene was the part where Motoharu said that he'd been living all this time to meet Nanami. And I really think that was his answer to the sleep-talking Nanami.

(Chap 31) "God, please, protect him for me. So that no matter what happens, he'll keep going and not give up. No matter how many times he cries or how often he's struck down, give him the strength to stand again. Have the people he meets be kind to him. Have them welcome his liveliness and with. Please watch over him." -Nanami

"At that time he was 15 years old. He may have always been pursuing a dream. Ever since that day when he was 15.... that day that can never return... He`ll try and fail and try again. At 17, he still believes in it. But at 18, he will find himself entirely alone. The reality he must face is far greater than youth will allow. How can anyone blame him?" -Nanami

"I turn 21 this year. I still have an unanswered dream as well. My dream that someday he'll come for me... because...... that day (*a picture of nana looking at the leaving train for Tokyo is shown*) was the last time I saw Yano" -Nanami

Side Comment: First time I read it, I was in tears. It's just sad how Nanami and Motoharu fell apart silently, without explanations. There was no closure to that love that had endured so much. It was left hanging.

(Chap 32) "Yano, where are you right now? Are you living somewhere in Japan under this vast sky? What kind of day did you have today? Who did you talk to? What did you eat? and where did you go? I was disappointed you didn't keep your promise or even say goodbye. It seems I'm still dwelling on you. Yano, when was the last time you thought about me?" - Nanami

"Yano, who is it that you love now?" - Nanami

(Chap 33) "The past is important. But the past isn't the only thing we can never get back. Every moment, even this very moment, we're living in an irreplaceable moment in time." -Takeuchi

Nanami: Yano said "It's been prime plus". I absolutely, positively know those words weren't a lie. Those words have kept me going these past five years. But Yano isn't here, was I wrong to believe in him this whole time?"
Takeuchi: No Takahashi, you weren't wrong.
Nanami: But Yano's feelings for me changed. Why? How did I fail?
Takeuchi: Takahashi, we did everything we could back then. We did our best. We didn't lie or make mistakes. We never failed. It's just that...... Time has moved on.

Side Comment: One of the most memorable quotes in Bokura Ga Ita and once again said by Takeuchi. Seriously. he just says the perfect words. TT__TT. I agree with him. No one was at fault. No one broke promises whatsoever; it's just that... time once again interfered in their relationship. The circumstances were not letting them to be together no matter how much they longed for each other. Love is all about timing.

(Chap 35) "Someone once said, memories are simply a product of one's imagination, created from the fragments of the past. Remembering is the same as seeing an illusion" -Aki

"In my memory, I link fragments from the past when we were together to create a clear image of him in my mind. But I no longer know if that image is really him. That moment I see in my mind may have never existed." -Aki

Side Comment: Ahh~ again with memories issue.

"Being alone doesn't mean someone is lonely, does it? I never felt lonely by myself until I met you, Yano. I probably never even realized I was alone. The reason it's lonely on your own isn't because you're by yourself. But because you have a memory of being with someone. Because you remember the happiness you felt being together with that person." -Nanami

Side Comment: Beautiful line from Nanami. Just beautiful. Realizing it's lonely to be alone is because you've felt what's it's like to be with someone. How happy it was to share things with someone. Now that someone is gone, you realize it's lonely to be just all by yourself.

(Chap 37) "I believe in looking ahead. And I`ll keep doing so. Since I've always had nothing but "zero" behind me. All I can do is keep moving forward. I can only move forward. But, every now and then I get worried that even if I'm looking forward in the right direction, my internal compass may be broken." - Motoharu

Side Comment: This will come out in the future chapter. Will comment on it again.

(Chap 41) "Takahashi, these days, every night, I close my eyes and dream. I throw some clothes into a bag and get on the plane. The plane flight is an hour and a half, and it's headed for a foggy harbor town up north. After I land at the airport, I get on a bus to the city. The bus drives alongside green fields for 30 minutes. Otanoshike. Tottori. Shinbashi. I get off the bus in front of the Red Cross building, cross that road, run past the Welfare Pension Hall and rush back to my house in Yanagimachi. I drop off my bag, get on my bike, ride through Yanagimachi parkand past Koyo Elementary School. I keep riding on to Aikoku, Ashno and on and on right to you, Takahashi. To your arms." -Motoharu

Side Comment: sigh~. wow. Just wow. To be honest, I think this is not merely longing and missing someone anymore. I think this is obsession. Motoharu becoming even more obsessed with Nanami was because he was lonely in Tokyo. There were just too many problems he had to carry that he thought Nanami could only be his escape from reality he had to face. I really think that's it. It's one thing they both miss each other, but I seriously think Motoharu's burdens in life have added on to his obsession for Nanami.  He always dreamt of being in the arms of Nanami because he knew only Nanami could pull him out of that painful reality.

(Chap 45) "I won't go see him. If he had any intention of seeing me, he would have already come to find me, right? If that is Yano's decision, there's no reason for me to go against it. As long as he's doing okay, then it's fine." - Nanami

Side Comment: And I agree. Nanami has basically been in limbo ever since she started waiting for that day when Motoharu would come to pick her up. Time stopped for her. The moment she's informed that Motoharu has been living in Tokyo for a while now, I think she did the right thing for not seeing him right away. After all, it's Motoharu's promise to her to pick her up. Since he didn't, why does she always have to do the efforts of reaching out him first?

"I'll betray you. I'll break my promise and your trust. I'll trample all over it. So please, Takahashi, hate me. Despise me and then bury me." - Motoharu

Side Comment: When did things turn out this way? sigh.

(Chap 48) "Aki-chan, I'm weak. I thought I had given up on him a year ago on that day. I thought my tears had run dry, but I still dream of him. I haven't forgotten. Deep inside, I still wait for him." - Nanami

Side Comment: Being hopeful is never a sign of weakness, Nana-chan. What would have left in this world if we all had lose hope?

(Chap 49) "Not acting on it and letting it pass by is also a choice" - Enomoto-sensei

Side Comment: -___-

"I was always jealous, you know. Jealous of you two in high school. I wanted a relationship like yours. I wanted a high school life like yours. You two were a shining example of what student life could be." -Aki

Side Comment: Theirs was simply unforgettable.

"But it's sad. The two people I was so jealous of ended up like this. You still smile the way you used to, but your heart has changed, hasn't it? Yano, I really believed the reason you never got in touch with Nanami was because you were still in love with her. If you hadn't fallen out of love with her, you could have said, 'I don't love you anymore'. But you couldn't say that if you still had feelings for her." -Aki

(Chap 52)

Nanami: I'm sorry I wasn't able to be by your side during your toughest times. Yano, that's my biggest regret .
Yano: Don't apologize to me. You didn't do anything wrong, Takahashi. None of what happened was your fault. You never did anything wrong. For me, my happiest times were back in high school. I have so many good memories. It was all because of you. Without you, I would never have enjoyed high school so much. Memories live on, Takahashi. And they grow. When I'm lonely, I close my eyes and I can see you anytime I want.

(Chap 55) "Yano, it's time you forgave yourself.." - Nanami

Side Comment: Beautifully said. It's about time Motoharu to forgive himself. He's been too hard on himself for too long already.

(Chap 56)

Nanami: You've survived circumstances I'm not sure I could bear. I've never met anyone else like you. And that's how I know you've chosen the right person. I really believe that. I'm fine with it because you've found someone who makes you happy.
Motoharu: No. Takahashi, you're wrong!

Side Comment: Don't break my heart, Moto. TT___TT

(Chap 57) "I'm wrong?! Don't tell me I'm the one who's wrong! Tell me you've found someone you can be happier with than me. if not, I can't accept it." -Nanami

Side Comment: As always Motoharu has the power to stir Nanami's feelings up. Just when she was about to give everything up, Motoharu would come and take everything back.

(Chap 60) "I'd always come here whenever I was calling Takahashi. And I took Lalami for walks here. And on that night too. My birthday. The moment I turned 18. Takahashi celebrated it with me. Takahashi was so adorable. I never wanted to end it. Everything just fell apart. The happiest time of my life turned out to be in my moment of crisis." -Motoharu

(Chap 63)

Motoharu: You know, I wouldn't have minded if you had stopped me on that day 5 years ago. Why are you always so reasonable about everything? How can you always be so strong?
Nanami: Before, I was never like this. The only reason was you. It's because I met you.

"Yano, you made me strong." -Nanami

Side Comment: See that, Moto? This girl is no Wonder Woman like you've always thought. She's strong because she has to. Because she needs to. In order to accept the things that are going on between you two, she is forced to be strong.

(Chap 64) "You want to know something? You're my compass." -Motoharu.

Side Comment: Refer Chap 37. Like I said before, I really think it's gone beyond love. Motoharu can only find his path when Nanami is around. Love. And obsession.

(Chap 66)

Motoharu: "I've always thought that what's between you and Takahashi is between you and Takahashi. And what's between me and Takahashi is between me and Takahashi."
Takeuchi: "You make me so jealous. You know exactly how to put it. In the five years Takahasi and I were together, you were always there. Standing between us."

Side Comment: OUCH! awwwww. Take OMG. TT__TT You deserve so much happiness. I say, more happiness than Nanami and Motoharu should get. You're such a nice guy. I really really hope you can find someone you`ll love more than Nanami and will love you back.

(Chap 69) "Moto, hurry back. Hurry back and just tell her. Don't let it end this way. Pay attention to what I'm about to say. My sacrifice provides the base to your and Takahashi's relationship. Don't you forget that. Don't forget what I did for you. Don't waste our friendship. Take back all the time you've lost with everything you've got." -Takeuchi

Side Comment: oh Take TT__TT I couldn't love you enough.

"It's my turn to tell you this time. You can do it Takahashi. So many times, I've repeated that over and over in my head. Takahashi , do you remember what you told me? You're wrong, Takahashi. I was able to live on because you were alive. Because I knew you were living somewhere under the same sky. Though we were apart, I never forgot you. I've always wished for your happiness. That's what has supported me to this day. You're the one who made me strong." -Motoharu

Side Comment: And I say, you are each other's strength. It's been proven many times that you aren't going to be the same without the other, but here you two, keep playing with fate; always setting aside your own happiness for the benefit of the other when the only happiness you have been wishing is to be together.

"Takahashi, I'm coming for you. So hang in there. This time for you, I'll give everything up. Nothing else matters but you. So please, wait for me this one last time." -Motoharu

Side Comment: sniff. sniff. sniff. I need more kleenex. I'm so proud of myself for hanging in there way too long to hear this from Motoharu. All worth the wait.

Nanami: "I'm sorry. I promised to always watch over you. But I lost sight of you on the way.
Motoharu: I ran away".
Nanami: "You didn't ran away. You just took a detour. You lost your way for a little while. Your compass was broken. But you've come back."
Motoharu: "I've come back."
Nanami: "You must be exhausted. You must have a hard time. You went through alot, didn't you?  But everything is fine now. You don't have to worry anymore. Take your time and rest here."
Motoharu: "Thank you for waiting for me."

Side Comment: This part didn't have bubble texts around them, so I just assumed the lines were spoken by either Nanami or Motoharu, nevertheless, it's pretty easy to figure out who said what. I liked the exchanged dialogues they had here. They've started to open up and freely talked about the past, present, and future. And I see a very bright future ahead for them.

(Chap 70) "Throwing things away is easy. But now, I want to live my life keeping what is precious to me." -Motoharu

Mizu: "Yano! I can't believe you have the nerve to show your face in front of Nanami again! I'll never forgive you even if Nanami does. I'll never forgive you, got it?"
Motoharu: I never expected anyone to forgive me. I never thought Takahashi or anyone else would ever forgive me. But in spite of everything, she allowed me to be with her again. It's like a miracle for me. I'm very grateful for Takahashi.

Side Comment: ♡ I love Mizu-chin!

"For a long time, I've been asking myself this question. Am I a memory? Are you a memory? Are we just a collection of memories? I've been always waiting for the person who disappeared beyond those rails. Now I understand. It didn't end here. This place was just the beginning." -Nanami

Side Comment: Memory issue again ^_^

Motoharu: I'm back!
Nanami: Welcome home.

Side Comment: So beautiful. I never imagined those words to be one of the beautiful ones be said. Welcome home, Moto♡.

Motoharu: Takahashi.
Nanami: Yes?
Motoharu: I love you.
Nanami: (turns red)
Motoharu. I love you. I love you. I love you.
Nanami: Wha- enough already.
Motoharu: It's fine, isn't it? It's six years worth. I love you.

Side Comment: Awwwww *tears* honestly. The power you have on me, Moto. Indescribable.

Motoharu: Takahashi. Listen up because I don't want to repeat myself.
Nanami: ...
Motoharu: I love you.
Nanami: You've said that a hundred times already!
Motoharu: From today on, my heart will always belong to you, Takahashi. Will you accept it?
Nanami: It... It's heavy!
Motoharu: It wouldn't be worth anything if it wasn't heavy.
Nanami: I'm really disorganized and a bad cook too, you know?
Motoharu: That's okay.
Nanami: I might end up with a permanent scar on my forehead.
Motoharu: That's okay. No problem.
Nanami: And I let my vegetables rot all the time.
Motoharu: That's okay. I'll take you in and all your rotten vegetables. Takahashi, Please become my family.

Side Comment: (big smile on my face) Yep. I'm totally fine with trivial arguments from now on.

"Someone once said, memories are simply a product of one's imagination, created from the fragments of the past. Remembering is the same as seeing an illusion. So what does it mean to live? What if I had stopped there, if I had taken a turn, if I hadn't come across that bump in the road, if I hadn't taken a detour, if I had never stopped? What if, back then, what if? I made many choices to arrive at this point. There was a me who made good choices. And there was a me who made mistakes. But it's always been me. The same goes for you, for him, for everyone. It's all fine.The times I laughed. The times I cried. They are all part of my kind memories." -Nanami

Side Comment: Like I said, "memories" has been the most tackled issue throughout the entire series. I'm glad this issue too had its closure.

Bokura Ga Ita is full of beautiful and wonderful quotes. It simply moved me and I always end up in tears at some point while reading the manga over and over again.



I could not stressed out how much I've wished over and over again that despite the tragic events and how much fate played with them, that somehow, at some point, they would end up together and happy and YES! Thank you Obata-sensei for such a great ending for my two lovely characters.

I liked how the the manga ended with both Nanami and Motoharu visiting Nana's grave. It's a long overdue visit for Motoharu but I'm glad he took Nanami with him. It's like they can always overcome what comes their way whenever they are together. The Power of Two :) The root of their problems lied with Nana's memories haunting them. The manga ended showing how they both overcame that big hurdle in their life by facing it together.

Though I was contented with the ending.... let me just point out my great disappointment in this:

We didn't hear anything about Aki and Take!!!! OMG. How could the mangaka leave out Aki and Take out of the last chapter after all these years?????????
I'm soo disappointed to know Take flew out to New York! waaaaaa there goes my hope that the two greatest people in the manga ever hooking up

Bokura Ga Ita remains one of the my favourite manga. I'm glad I got to see the end of it and very satisfied with the ending. I will never forget the wonderful quotes of this manga. Very endearing.

Hmmmmm........... It took me a while to compile all these (since I've got to wait for book to be released too!) and I enjoyed it. A LOT. I'm sure I'll go back to this post to read these over and over again. I shall do the same thing with my other manga, eh? ^^ But wow, it surely took me quite alot of  time. :)

I'm going to end this post with "Kotoba".

季節が変わる その度びに
誰かを こんなふうに 心一杯で 愛せないから

守りたい 大切な君

Each time the seasons change
and even if the memories start to fade,
I know I wouldn't love anyone this way anymore as I did with you.

I wanted to protect you who is so dear to me.
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im so happy to found this thread. i love.. deeply in love with bokura ga ita, and to found who have the same interest like me is such a faith XD im sorry if i said too much, but i did the same as u too.. i love BGI quote, and to read them back just make ur tears out for like a million times...
nice to meet you ><
yoroshikuuuuuuu <3
Thanks! Glad you liked my compilation ^^

I really miss Bokura Ga Ita. =.= Where are the new chapters. LOL.

The manga has just so much emotions in it. You can't help tears coming out when reading this. ^^
yey, im so dead curious about how they gonna end it.. but what do u think about the upcoming live action movie?
im afraid it'll not as good as the made in manga..

btw, cant u post more about the quote.. ?
its more touching when i read it in english >,<
pleaseee n_n
I'm actually excited about the live action movie. It would have been better if that was a drama instead but I'm looking forward to it! ^^ Hopefully the cast will be something I like and approve though. LOL

Yes~ I will post more quotes once new chapters are released ^^ I'll keep my Bokura Ga Ita quote up to date :)
thank you, I love this manga & the movie looks promising.

I cant wait for the new chapter <3
Me too, the movie sounds promising. Excited to see it. I heard it's for next year?

A new chapter is out but there wasn't any movement from the Chap 64 though. *sob*
Many years later
Hi! I found you from the Bokura ga Ita forums on Soompi I think?

I recently got around to reading the manga three days ago and finished it all in one go, but I watched the anime from ten years ago. :) Reading your comments and updates on the forum was such a treat, especially when I watched the dates that you had posted in over the years. You have dedicated a portion of your life to this series and I felt all the love that you felt for this. I feel so much admiration for you!

And thank you so much for this compilation and the references. I feel very lucky to have someone feel the same way as I do now, even if they have felt it many years before I ever have. Hope you're doing well!
Re: Many years later
OMG! I am so sorry! I am 3 months late in replying to this. I haven't really got the chance to visit my livejournal again until now. Thank you so much for your kind words and for finding the time to leave such a very nice comment. Bokura Ga Ita is one of my all time favourite manga series, and I`m glad to hear that my efforts in spreading my love for it is not in vain. ^__^ I have created this post for BGI fans like you and me who want to re-visit the quotes from time to time. ^___^ Sometimes, I re-read my compilation, and I end up pulling out all my books to do an actual re-read of the manga. LOL.