I'm going international~ International~

^new bbs~♡

Sooo just recieved my goodies that I got from taobao.com. It's a Chinese site that has almost everything! Like seriously. I think with this site, I don't have to disturb my cousin anymore with my selfish requests. LOL. It's interesting to browse Taobao although the drawback is, I have to use google translate to understand and type what I need to search.Also, you actually have to be living in China in order to purchase from their site. It's the same rules with Japanese online sites.

My friend introduced me to a taobao agency. In order to buy something from Taobao  if you're from overseas, you would need to have an agency that can buy stuff for you. It was quite complicated at first but I kinda got the hang of it afterwards. Of course they would ask for a commission but they do the rest for you after you give the link to the stuff you want to get.

^My Logo Necklace!
Seriously, why are Hankyung stuff sooooo hard to get? GRRR.
I recently went to trouble of signing up yet another Chinese site just
to get his concert DVD. sigh.

^In any case, it's worth the trouble since it looks
soooo fureeeeeeakinnnn gorgeous around my neck :P

^Hee G-cleft necklace!!!!
He wore this for the BIC2 in Japan. I looooooove it.
The lace is soo long and ahhh~ just plain beautiful!

^Ryeowook's necklace.
LOL. I bought one again since as usual I broke the other one.
Sigh seriously. They were so fragile.~_~
However, I think this necklace is quite hard to break. LOL.
It's quite thick.

^G-Dragon's earrings!
Meh~ they're quite tough to put on but they look sooo pretty
on the ears~_^

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