I dream high...........

^Totally dazzling, yeaaaah?
So yup! I just got this and good god! I needed to go visit the postal again to pick my parcel up~_~ I hate going through the troubles of picking my stuff up just because I wasn't at home to pick it. Can't they seriously come like around 4pm later? Postmen should know no one's usually at home during daytime. They should work at night times. LOL. Okay~ that was mean. I'm going off the topic :P

I'm going to be really honest and say that although I've been really excited to have it, been waiting for April to come, I'm actually quite disappointed when I got it. It's too small! How could a pendant that looked so friggin big in pictures be so freaggin small???? Even the chain is shorter that what I had in mind.
^It only hangs down onto my chest! Sam Dong's pendant was hanging past his chest!
Drama is a cheater! LOL

^Closer look! Like I said, pictures are deceiving. Don't get deceived! ~_~

^The back profile of the necklace. The Kiss is the official maker of the pendant.

Overall, I still like my K-pendant. It's still a K-pendant no matter how small I think it is and I love the drama soooo much to hate anything related to it! LOL. Now I'm waiting for my DVD.
^dammmnn. loss for words to describe it's beauty.

This is Hankyung's Concept Book that I've been searching for so loong because some good international sites out there *coughYesAsiacough* is not selling this gorgeous book! Like W-H-Y?????? Good thing I found this again on a Japanese site. I've got the Silver Edition and apparently from the sites I read, the Gold Edition had more pages of gorgeous pictures. I'm like AAUUUGH~! LOL. But in any case, I'm already contented :) To have a copy of this hard to find photobook is already something a fan should be really proud of. So I really am!

^a shot from the book! Heh~

^This was when he visited LA! aaah~ come to Canada please.

What I'm looking forward to get now....

^Hankyung's LOGO Necklace!
I was introduced to this Chinese site called Taobao (Ebay-like site) and that site is just full of gorgeousness! HAH! I just finished paying the goodies I bought from Taobao and I think it will be shipped soon. I`ll talk about how awesome this site is with detailed info (it's quite complacate with agency and all) once I received them. Can't wait!

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