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yuupp! This is the drama I'm currently watching, 49 days. The first half of the first episode bored me to death but.... the moment Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) had the accident, things got better and now I'm sooo hooked! How can you resist a drama full of cliffhangers and GASP!s and O.Os? LOL. In addition, there's this one cute Grim Reaper.... errr, Scheduler whining every single episode! Ohhh~ Jung Il Woo. I didn't get the hype before around Jung Il Woo as I wasn't really interested with The Return of Iljimae and My Fair Lady just plainly sucked despite how much I liked Yoo Eun Hye but yeaaa~ finally there's a drama that I can enjoy with Jung Il Woo in it and............. I now understand this Il Woo-hype. He's just uberrrrrr cute and I really think Scheduler just so fits him ^____^

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