more Dream High stuffies^_^

uhhhmmm soo yea~ I keep them coming. LOL. I just got my Dream High photobook and calendar and what can I say? FURREEAKIN GORGEOUS.

^This is the cover of the making book. I got Jason. Oh darn,
I wish it was Sam Dong =P

^This is what the calendar looks like. And I like it. You can choose different pictures to use for 
your calendar. Lovely. SM, you ever think about making SJ calendar like this? =P

^And this is the notebook/memo book that came with the making book

^Last but not the least, for the....... third time? fourth time? I am getting
a Hyuk necklace LIKE OMG. I broke it again. I wore it once and
BAM! broke again. grrr. so freaking expensive. But yes, I AM SO NOT WEARING THIS EVER AGAIN!
EVER! This is just going to be kept in my jewelry box for collection. *sob*
and I bought Leeteuk's choker just because I can! HAH!

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