OST albums♥

^Pretty, aren't they? ~_^

Soooooooooo... Dream High OST album came and wow. just wow.

Yknow how I always have a thing with Korean physical albums. ^_^ I get so meticulous with it, that it had to be pretty AND nice and this is what Dream High OST album appear to be. It's just gorgeous that I wasn't really expecting much since uuhh, this is only an OST, what's the point in making an effort to make it pretty but it really is! It's sooo gorgeous that I can't help but to compare yet again SJ's album with Dream High's ~___~

If only SM would invest more on SJ's physical album. If only their CD cases were as this big. like a DVD ones. If only their album cases weren't recycled over and over again~_~ I expect so much for 5jib now. ^^

Anyways back on Dream High OST album, wow is it just me or this album is just Kim Soo Hyun domination? LOOOL. Not that I'm complaining. LOL. And the SamMi photos they included her are my favorite ones so wow. just wow. JYP, Keyest, Loen Ent. Did I mention I love you all? =D

Also, finally bought Prosecutor Princess's OST. Like finally!

What I'm looking forward to own:

Ohhh yeaaah~!
it's quite expensive (like CAD82) but heck ebay's selling it for 20bucks more so I shouldn't complain =P
Can't wait to have it. ^_^ It's in April.

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