welps~ It's that time again to post some new stuff. There's not much this time.

MWAHAHAHAHAH! After months and months had passed just to finally buy in bulk stuff, I finally was able to get my other pair! Phew! That took me long enough. I'm just glad I can finally wear it!

My very first non-Super Junior album! (count out Lee Jun Ki's album as he is not really a singer).  I like 2NE1 so I decided to finally purchase their albums! I wanted  a G-Dragon's album too but it's currently out of stock.~_~

Anyways, rant rant rant, WHY CAN'T SM PRODUCE AWESOME CD ALBUM AS THESE??!! Seriously, for a mini album, 2ne1's got the prettiest. And then their first full album was just gorgeous. I can't believe how uglier than I thought SM albums are until I bought albums outside SJ. I just wish SM would put on more money on the album. It's just a waste that they keep recycling album cases for the next album. 

^I told you it's gorgeous. A real definition of FULL ALBUM CASE.

And why of course my obsession! HAHAHHA.  Should I go seek some doctors now? =P
That Yesung lightstick is available on DVDHeaven and I thought it was cute soooo i bought it.
More to come in the future as I have called my cousin once again to buy me KRY Korea Version lightstick and SS3 Japan lightstick ^__^

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