November 8th, 2014

7JIB Special Album~

7jib repack this time is called "Special Album" which features 10 different albums for all boys that actively promoted 7jib. Despite my personal hate on SM's frequent use on these recycled cases (which I have mentioned a whole lot of times in a lot of my album posts), I seriously love these albums. Each album has different booklet pictures. The pictures included in the albums are chosen by the members themselves to share with fans. I feel like this album is called a special one because this doesn't have a concept at all, rather it was the members who poured their a lot of effort in choosing their personal pictures to share with everyone in this album. The feelings of the boys put into one album were more emphasized in this album rather than a concept album. And that, I think, is what makes this album special.


^The poster is quite smaller than their usual poster size.

^Leeteuk's album.

^Ryeowook's album. Oh that jawline.
Uhmmm this album kind of left me in O.O as there were
a lot of skin shown. I thought they were all Ryeowook's pictures,
but at a closer look, I saw Teuk's dimple, Heechul's jawline... and
uhmm yea so basically this album is all about member's skins. =P

^Kangin's album.

^Donghae's album.

Or I could call this Eunhyuk's album too since he is in every picture with

Donghae that he compiled in this album. LOL. These two.

^Heechul's album.

Oh yay! Heebum has finally came out with an album!

I've always loved his eyes.

^Siwon's album.

I especially liked their early debut pictures.

Man, boys have grown T__T

^Sungmin's album

^Shindong's album.

Oh bb, I will miss you so much once you leave us for the army T____T

Come back soon!

^Kyuhyun's album.
In the back of my head, even before flipping through his album,
I kind of knew his would be mostly pictures from his personal trip
with some of the members in Europe. It's always been a good memory for him.

^Eunhyuk's album
Thank you Eunhyuk for deciding to share your childhood pictures with us.
I know how your memories of your childhood were so special to you,
and it was a great honour that you shared those memories with us. Those were definitely beautiful pictures.
I especially liked that sleeping baby picture of Eunhyuk. Little did anyone knew that a few years later,
that sleeping infant would be internationally famous as a singer, and someone who has a very
special place in my ~♥!

These are really great albums. Special, indeed. Now I can't wait what the boys have in store for us for their 8jib next year cuz that also marks their 10th year debut! T____T I'm already crying just thinking about next year. I hope it will be much more awesome!

I also hope that the promo for 8jib will be longer. 7jib was just the shortest ever. I can't even.
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