September 19th, 2014

My papacitos~ Ayaya!

I've recieved my 7jib Version A  a couple of weeks ago, but as usual, I got held up with stuff I have to do in real life. ~_____~ Anyways! Here it is! 7jib!!!!!!! I really am in love with Mamacita, if I haven't mentioned it enough.

My second favourite would have to be Evanesce. It's a great ballad song that showcases my boys' vocals. First time I heard Eunhyuk singing in high pitched (kind of like BeeGees') was in Skeleton. To be honest, I don't like listening to Skeleton since it embarrases me to no end, so I'm glad he did that high pitched vocal thing again with this song, and I've definitely changed my text tone to that! So good.

And I must not forget to mention Heechul's belting in this song. So so so perfect. It might be hard to believe for other people, but Heechul is my second favourite vocal in SJ, next to Yesung. He keeps telling everyone that he sucks at singing when his vocals say otherwise, especially when he belts. I just melt right away. First time I fell in love with Hee's belting was in It's You (his 난~~~ part). It was so great; I'm glad to hear him belting again, and Evanesce really showcases his vocal. I miss listening to him in SJ songs.


I recieved 2 albums because the KELF I ordered my album from accidentally sent me two albums. I feel extremely bad for getting something for free when I know it must have cost her double for shipping than what I had paid for. I asked her if she wanted me to pay for it, and she replied I didn't need to. WHY IS SHE SOOOO NICE??? T_____T I wanted to pay for the other album since it goes to SJ's bank anyways. Oh wells. I proudly have 2 copies of Ver A!!!

As long as SM doesn't use those recycled cases they've been using over and over again  for SJ albums, I am one happy fangirl. So yep! I am in love with this 7jib case! It comes in a box. It reminds me of how YG packs their albums.

This is what the inside looks like. It included an 80 page black booklet, photocard (I got Ryeowook! Also Leeteuk from the other album, but I forgot to take a pic T__T).

This is the back side of the case. I guess, SM wouldn't be SM if there wouldn't be one thing I'd dislike about them, hey? Apparently first press releases of 7jib have a typo. YES! A TYPO! You would think before SM prints hundreds of thousands of albums, they would proofread it first... Nope, they don't do that. It's too beneath of them to check for any errors they could have. Anyways so yeah, the title track which is "Mamacita (Ayaya)" is printed out as "Mamacita (Yayaya)" LOOOOOL. How brilliant SM.

It's funny because in Korean, calling out to someone "Ya, ya, ya" is really rude. It's like saying "Hey! Hey! Hey!" to someone you are not familiar with. But the rudeness weighs much more in Korean when someone said Ya! to you. Only older than you and people your age can use these to you. LOL. Seriously. I can't. I should know better. This is SM.

The left side is what the CD looks like and the right one is a sample page from the booklet. I really like the shots of Eunhyuk in this outfit. He looks uber gorgeous!

These are photocards that KELF included in my package. That is my favourite shot of Eunhyuk right there!!!! Hmmmm. I guess time to change my profile pic......

So yeaaah~ The downside about this is that......... 7jib was only promoted for 3 weeks T_____T I swear they get shorter and shorter every comeback. Leader said there would be a repack... soo hopefully that will be out like real soon. I miss them already. I am so SJ deprived on Korean music shows.

My Ver B is on the way, so hopefully I'd be able to post it faster than I did with Ver A. So many things to do in so little time T___T

To end my post, here's a fancam of Evanesce from SS6 that showcased Hee's belt. Just thinking about it already sends shivers down my spine. He seriously needs to do more belting.... Do you hear me Repack????? I want more belting from Hee!!!!
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