July 2nd, 2014

I will start my summer by reading Fruits Basket!

^Gorgeous, isn't it? xDD

So! I finally decided to get my copy of Furuba! YAY! I've been wanting to get my hands on this series, but sadly, the manga series I must get kept piling up, and I always never had enough money to get this on Ebay. Furuba has been out of print since forever; that means people on ebay would sky rocket the price and mind you, the conditions of the books weren't even that good. One of the biggest pet peeves of mine as both a Super Junior and a manga collector is to see all these babies not in perfect conditions. I take so much pride and care handling all my books and albums because I hate seeing creases, bends, dents, any damages on them. It seriously breaks my heart to see all this stuff being damaged. As much as possible, I buy all my collections as soon as they are out in the market just so they are nice and crisp. If I ever buy stuff that are second handed, I make sure that the ones I will get are as good as new.

So I've got two main problems in getting out of print series: One, they're super expensive and two, they're not in pristine condition. So when I finally found Furuba on Ebay where all books were read only once and they were as good as brand new, I didn't hesitate for a moment and threw 240 bucks away. Just like that money is whooop! And don't even get me started with how much I paid for shipping T_____T

In any case! ONE HAPPY FANGIRL!!! OMG. Honestly, Furuba is just... legend! It's like up there with classic shoujo: Sailor Moon, Boys Over Flowers, Fushigi Yugi,
Mars that are must get for every shoujo manga collector. (Well I don't have Mars yet, but...... next time, next time. I just burnt a hole in my pocket -_-) Anyways, it's definitely an honour to have finally owned Fruits Basket. So excited to read Tohru and Kyo again!

~what a nice way to start summer.
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