Baker King - GoodBye MV

This is the drama that I recently watched. It was phenomenal in Korea so I was like why not watch it? Not really my kind of drama since it was so heavy and emotional but nevertheless, I`d say not bad and I can see why it was phenomenal in Korea. CUZ SERIOUSLY! who wouldn't love Yoon Shi Yoon???!!! OMG He's just so freaking cuuuute and this boy really knows how to act. Really good for his first main role drama. It just pains me whenever he is hurting and.... he definitely is most of the time. I thought this song would fit how he felt about YuKyung. It was so heartbreaking to capture his most-painful moments. T____T TakGu and YuKyung had their love at the wrong time.

Congratulations to Yoon Shi Yoon for his deserved Excellence Acting Award for this drama! You've earned it.

Happy New Year^__^

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