Ahhhh~ sooo lol, I can't help myself. =.= I needed to get another Hyuk necklace because the other one got broken. I came from my summer holiday in Florida; wore it for a day and then next thing I know, it was cut in half! I'm like whaaaaat! I brought the expensive one this time, with all those shining stones attached to it. It was 30bucks so that better not be broken so easily. lol

I only planned to get a Hyuk necklace buuut as always DVDHeaven is a temptation, lol. so I went ahead to get more goodies. I also got Hyuk's ring. He used to wear it during Sorry Sorry promotions. It's abit big in me but whatever. Then there's Ryeowook's note necklace. Yesung's headset necklace haha, cute.. and then I bought Leeteuk's earring. That was what we wore during Don't Don promotions. When I got it, I was like why is this only one earring??? How am I supposed to wear it? I was about to complain to DVDHeaven until I visited the site and it clearly said there "(1p)" LOL. auuugh I'm soooo frustrated. It was 7 bucks and I can't even wear it with only one! So basically I have to spend another 7bucks to wear it. siiiiigh siiigh siiigh. whateveeeer.
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