Room Sweet Room Part2~♥

Hahhahahaha like I said, I would update my collection pictures. go HERE! for reference:

^These are the rest of the posters that I couldn't  put up.
Why? Well, obviously I don't have any room for it. ROFL.

^These are all the SJ Korean albums I've got.
I've also included Hankyung's albums in here. JUST BECAUSE!
What are missing? 2 more SMTown albums and boys' OSTs.

^SJ Japanese Albums. Do I want to buy Bonamana Japanese
albums? Errr, I don't know. They didn't actually sing any Japanese
songs in there ~___~.

^SJ Korean DVDs. Two Super Shows and
Attack on Pin-up boys 2 editions

^balloons and the towel.

^Boys in City photobooks, 2007-2008 planner,
and 2010 Kyochon Calendar! I wish to own the 2011 version =P

^hmm yea more photobooks/magazines!

^MY LIGHTSTIIIIIICKKS!!!! hahaha okay, atm there's no new
lightstick I'm craving for! Thank god! LOL

^dramas that I still love! and my Junki!!<3
I still don't have Prosecutor Princess's OST. I`ll get it
when I get more money. LOL

and that's it! =D and to end this post, I'm going to share a peak of Hankyung's new GengXin Edition (which I totally loooooooove; it has gotten bigger and thicker! lol) and SS2 DVD (I'm still being bitter about the poster. ~_~ I already have it. lol. and this version of poster is smaller than the SS2 Live CD album's poster)

^Geng Xin New Edition Album. SUPER COOOL!
I missed Hankyung even more TT____TT

^SS2 DVD! =D God! I should not be complaining at all but can I rant something just once?
*bats cute eyes* LOL. Well I rant alot anyways.
Soo.. TT___TT I knew they cut Hankyung's dance exhibition. I wasn't even going to
complain about it but but but the making film TT__TT
The making film showed tidbits of Hankyung's dance exhibition with Shindong and Eunhyuk
and I craved... wanted... needed more.... SM TT__TT why oh why oh why didn't you include it.

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