Super Junior is 5 years old.

Not everyone gets this opportunity to get to know you, to understand you, to share pains with you, to cry with you, to laugh with you, to celebrate precious moments with you that is why I'm one lucky human being to experience all these with you. In 5 years, things were not a smooth road for you. Things happened but no matter how many times you all have been put down, you never gave up. You walk with your head up high proudly telling everyone that you are a member of Super Junior, that Super Junior is eternal and that Super Junior won't never die. Whatever you all have gone through, those were just the stepping stones for a better Super Junior. It was a fact. I saw you all growing up before my eyes. I grew up watching you all grow too. You've all matured, improved showing everyone that Super Junior is called Super Junior for a reason. That you all deserved that love, fame and attention everyone is giving to you.

Being an ELF is never an easy hobby. Being a fan of Super Junior doesn't guarantee you a 100% fun. You cry for them, you worry for them, you fight for them..... with them, you protect them; it's never easy. There was at some point in time, I admit, when I thought maybe I should just switch fandoms. I thought that I didn't become someone else's fan just to be sad over and over again. Listening to music is something that should take me away from my real life's issues, not burden me. I tried to move on just thinking it would be such an easy task to do so. Others did it, why can't I? However, just one look at the boys' tears of happiness, one look at the boys' wide smiles on their faces, one look at the boys' proud faces that they are part of Super Junior, the reasons why I became an ELF in the first place all came back to me. I was brainwashed again. I just couldn't do it. How can I ever thought of leaving these hard working boys?

I'm just happy that Super Junior was the very first idol group I have ever loved and supported like crazy. I can't really imagine that I would become a fan who would take an effort, time and money for an idol group. I never understood fans before but now I do. In the 4 years I became a fan, yes I do understand. With my current age, I can pretty say they might be that last group I might ever loved too. I never regretted becoming an ELF. I might have thought of switching fandoms before but I never ever regretted being a fan of Super Junior.

Happy Anniversary.
Because Super Junior is Super Junior,
Super Junior is eternal.


Super Junior Quotes
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"I will lead Super Junior into the world, Super Junior members are all obedient kids, don't worry"
- Leeteuk

 "We will fly higher and farther until the colour sapphire blue covers the world"
- Leeteuk

"Super Junior is my biggest pride"
- Leeteuk

 "We Super Junior will not disband in two or three years.
We will be together 10, 20, 30 years until ELF do not want us anymore

- Leeteuk

"When camera starts running, I change from Park Jungsoo to Leeteuk.
This Leeteuk has to be perfect. He can't make any mistakes

- Leeteuk

MC: "Do you think it was a wise decision for you to join Super Junior?"

Kangin: "From the day I was born, until now and until the day I die, that decision will never be wrong"

"Because I am a Super Junior member when I filmed this movie, as long as I didn't ruin the name Super Junior
with my own performance, it does not matter whethere I win an award or not.

- Kangin

"From now on, my name will always be associated with Super Junior"
- Eunhyuk

"Even if I'm doing the radio by myself, I'm always representing
Super Junior. I will often worry if I said words that might affect our image;
not my image but members' imag

- Shindong

"If I don't perform well or did something wrong, I won't hear words such
as Kim Heechul's acting is bad; He has no skills. Instead, people think
badly of our members because of my actions and I`ll be very sad.

- Heechul

"A long time ago, I wanted to be a soloist; wanted to have my own stage.
Now I understand the advantages of being in a band. I no longer want to be a solo artis

- Ryeowook

 "I, Super Junior Sungmin, wanted to celebrate his birthday next year
and the year after with Super Junior members

- Sungmin

 "I always wondered what boring life I would have lived if I wasn't Super Junior.
So I'm really thankful that I am one


"Because of my solo activites, I couldn't be with Super Junior members
and I really feel apologetic to them. But I always remember the members

- Kibum

 "I don't know why but when performing with Super Junior members,
my body is filled with energy

- Kibum

"Our leader really cares for me so I don't feel tired"
- Hankyung

 "Even though now we do promotions separately,
and everyone's busy but as soon as we have time, we would call each other.
Because I am always part of Super Junior

- Hankyung

 "It's really hard to find brothers like us.
I hope all of us are together forever

- Siwon

 "13 members' gathering is like losing love and then recovering it"
- Donghae

► "It's not like some scattered family; It's just that comfortable
and loving Super Junior

- Kyuhyun


Leeteuk: "Super Junior will always be 13 members.

No matter what happens later. How many members will Super Junior have?"

ELF: "13!"

SME's last message...

Super Junior is formed by Leeteuk, Heechul, Hangeng, Yesung

Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook,

Kibum, Kyuhyun.

These 13 members.

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