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Just posting SJ stuff that I haven't taken a pic yet for the last..... month? 2 months? I don't know it's been a while. I got caught up with so much stuff, as usual, knowing myself, lol. but I'm gradually learning my time management. I need to get it together or I won't be able to make time for my Geun Geun drama and I really really want to watch it every week, stalking the soompi thread everyday just like how I did with You're Beautiful. I want to fall in love with this drama and my ridiculous time management won't definitely be in the way of achieving it! LOL. I will.... I will watch that drama every week! Yes! LOL.

Anywaysss so yea posting these stuff cuz it's just a shame not to share how beautiful all these SJ goodies are. This way my co-ELF......... and future co-ELF will be tempted to get this as a part of their collection!! HAHAHA. Okay, fine, I'm one insane SJ fan, whatever, you name it lol All my hard worked money just goes either towards DVDHeaven or YesAsia's pockets. ROFL

^Those are all photobooks/magazines I recently bought. Yes! I've got my first SJ magazines ever! YAY! It's sad that I didn't have enough money to satisy my own desire to get SJ magazines all these years. It's just sucks big time to be poor but now that I'm working really really hard (yes I go bonkers every single day at work =P), I'm able to get anything I want... need!
so yayy for my first SJ magazines. I'm really proud of them.

and then my KRY photobook! OH GOD! Finally! I just love my cousin to death. If I was a guy and is not related to her, I`ll marry her right now. Seriously. She's just so nice and it took her months to get this photobook by HERSELF. I really felt bad that she had to take her time to find it. I told her that it was fine. She could forget about it if she couldn't find one but like I said, she's totally nice, and eventually she got it! I actually paid 5000 Yen for it.  (62 in Canadian dollar) =P All these people overpricing stuff just because it's a rare item and they know fans go gaga to get it *shrugs* oh well. I'm just happy I finally got it. It's really a sin to ask my cousin for more....... and I'm just soo sure I'm going to commit it =P

and then my recent SJ stuff:
^Just came in the mail today. 2 Super Junior portfolios (SM TOWN &
SS3) and SM TOWN photobook
siiigh *pure bliss* My 2 portfolios are 14 inches big in length! LIKE OH MY GOD! I  totally didn't see that one coming. I was so surprised that my parcel was huge. I thought it would be just another photobook size and just wow! There's a reason why I spent more than a hundred bucks for this parcel. lol. really huge. I loooooooove it. Now I want the SS2 bromide if it's this size! :D
^kk.What it looks like inside! Really sweet. Huge photos.
^and last but definitely not the least,,,,,*drum rolls*
 MY LIGHTSTICKS!!!! OMG. lol. yes, if you still haven't considered me a
lightstick-obsessed then you name me now! lol

I got my KRY lightstick quite awhile ago. That was easy to get and my cousin just mailed this first cuz she was really having a hard time getting the KRY photobook. but yuppp my KRY lightstick! really pretty and shining in my eyes *sparkle sparkle*

and the new official Super Junior lightsticks 2010 edition that was released during SMTOWN Live 10 in Seoul!

and my Eunhyuk lightstick!!!! It's a bit different from my Hankyung lightstick that's why I decided to get it. Plus, this Eunhyuk lightstick is much smaller than the rest of my lightsticks. oh wells, more to come? :D

and yuup that's it! gah. I will repost all my collections very soon. I guess after my SS2 DVD and Hankyung new edition album came, I`ll post my SJ collection again! :D

sooo in the meantime, I'm like eagerly waiting for the long awaited SS2 DVD!!! :D

like finally! SM had the conscience to share this goody to the fans. It's my last..... last memory of Hankyung and Kangin, so far, at their own solo concert -_________- a must must must have.
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