Super Junior Official Towel

GASSSSSP. Ommmmmg after ordering it for more than a month, I finally received it! DVDHeaven kept delaying and delaying the date release of this one. I messaged them one time and they said, they hadn't received the item yet and so there was no way they could release it. Apparently, they got this from the one who organizes the fanclub, ELF.

^Isn't it pretty? *bats cute eyes*


^That's how the case looks like. and then the back side
of it was the first picture.

^The towel has written something on it on both sides.
"Uri-neun ~ Super Juni -OR!" is one side

^When you flip it over, this is what that looks like.
Super Junior with the members name.

 Ah~~~ so pretttttty. The one I saw from sjmarket, the towel bag had an offical ELF2 card in it. I thought I would have it too but geeeh, I guess I expected too much from DVDHeaven. LOL
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