Super Junior Live at Staples Center

Sigh. I know I know. I'm like super late to talk about this. After I came back from such a wonderful trip, I killed myself with the nightmare of work... work.... work...... It was horrible. I seriously need time management. It seems like work has got me locked up from everything else.

Anyways. Super Junior Live at Staples Center! *pure bliss* It still feels like a dream. I still couldn't believe that I was a part of it.

First off, September 3rd. Friday. I still had to work in the morning which totally sucked because my mind seemed to be in LA already. Like seriously, who works on the day of your flight? Obviously me! LOOOL.


^As you can see, my LA flight was supposed to be at 19:35 but apparently,
with all these "expected" delays,I arrived in LA past midnight
and it was already the 4th! LOL
Oh wells. It could be worse right? so yea it was a really tiring flight but as much as I wanted to go to bed and rest, I couldn't. My mind was just too full of Super Junior and Staples Center. In addition to that, my worries about camera. I heard that Staples Center was really strict with their camera policy, plus I brought my small video camera. I had to! So I was so determined to sneak my video camera in. 

and soooooooooo.. yay September 4th came. My mom and I went around some shopping first. Well we managed to pass Staples Center before heading out for shopping. We thought we could takes some pictures around the Figueroa St., because we were sure we wouldn't be able to do it later when  there would be too much people at Staples Center.
^STAPLES CENTER! OMG I swear my heart was thumping so hard seeing
Staples Center with my own eyes. I've never been to Staples Center before
(like duuuuuh) soo seeing it in person was just jaw dropping.
Right across Staples Center was Nokia Convention Center. It's pretty big
So after some picture takings, we were off to our shopping~<3 Then around 4pm or something, we already went to Staples Center and waited till it opened. When we were there, there were already alot of fans around the area.
^Woo hoo! My thought at that time was.... I was so close.
so close to see Super Junior.

Around 5pm something, my mom told me we should start lining up (doors opened at 6) since with so many people out there, it would take us forever to get in. Also, there were quite alot of fans who started lining up soo it wasn't really such a bad idea. to follow them. Then like uhmm, few minutes before 6pm, fans who were at the front lines started yelling/screaming/fangirling/fanboying, it was as if they saw someone inside the venue. They rushed towards the doors and of course, I, too, went rushing to get close to the doors to see who they were screaming for. Buuuut there were just soo many fans; it was tough luck to see who were inside but of course it would be them, SM Artists.
^This was what it looked like when everyone rushed towards the doors. and how far I was to get a glimpse
of what they saw. LOL.
It was I think 15 after 6 when they started letting people in. and here I was again, my heart thumping so hard, afraid offgetting caught for bringing in a video cam. The metal detectors were like making me mad crazy. I told my mom we should line up where there is a guy inspector that way, he could care alot less with women's purses. and so we lined up with a guy inspector. I watched how he inspected the people ahead of me; People hand in their purses to him before going through the metal detectors. and the way he opened their bags, it just like unzipping the bag and he just got a glimpse of what was inside.. He didn't specifically looked thoroughly. I was like hmmm this is good. lol. so it was my turn. LOL. still a bit nervous but I had the feeling I would be able to sneak my video cam in cuz he seriously could not care less. and so YAAAAY! after going through the metal door and handing me back my purse, I'M IN! VIDEO CAMERA WAS IN! like yaay! I was able to get it in. Staples Center scared me for nothing. LIKE OOOOMMMG filming SJ in HD! loool 

So on my way to the stadium, I saw people handing out some goodies. SMTown brochure and and some pink balloons. This guy handed me out the SM Town brochure and he told me to get the pink balloon from the box next to him. He hands were full of the brochures and so he told me to just help myself. and seriously, I don't have time for all these sheeezz cuz I wanted to rush to my seat and so I grabbed a handful of them then went to my seat (and met Kelley and her friend!) However, I didn't know (not until I went back home already) that the balloons I grabbed were all Super Junior!

^Ohhh how lucky I was. Guess, that my reward for going all through these
just to see my SJ boys! LOOOL
Anwyays and soooo I found my seat! Found Kelley and her friend. oooh it was so nice to finally see her. We were just going mad with those screamings and all. LOL. Well I think I got it worse. LOL This was what Staples looked like when I came in
^The stadium was almost full and by the time the concert started,
I didn't see any seats untaken.
That's how far I was from the stage. TBH, I thought it was a good seat buuuuuuut the boys rarely went to our side and most of the time, I only get to see their sexy backs and sexy side profiles LOL! My mom text messaged me before the concert started and she was like, "honey, I'm in dead centre of everything. I think I will be able to see Super Junior's face pores." LOOOOOL. and she was right. She can really see SJ. SJ performed right infront of her. and here I was only getting a glimpse of their sexy backs. LOOOOL Then again, I shouldn't be complaining, I was still in 7th heaven with my boys!
^sooo that's how my view of them most of the time. LMAO!  These are the only pictures I've taken because I didn't really video taped their solo performances; I knew my battery would ran out so I was saving  the battery for group performances. Well although I didn't get a picture from their group performances, I just screencapped some of them. LOL. It's the same thing. hahaha

so here goes all the screencaps from the video taping.
In the end, my seat is not bad right? LOL. I was able to zoomed in their faces that why I really looked like I was super close. ahhaha!


Super Girl


No Other


Dancing Out - Most of the time, Eunhyuk went to our side. and NO, it's not because I'm bias that I have more focus of him. LOL

Sorry Sorry

A Man In Love

Eunhyuk Dance Battle. I know I know. I said I didn't film member's solos. But can you blame me? It's Eunhyuk bb. LOL. He nailed it.

Don't Don


When I heard U, my heart sank in uneasiness. Because I knew my SUJU experience was about to be over. I looked at my watch and it said it was already 11pm. I couldn't believe it. I led myself into thinking I could go on forever just watching them perform before my eyes. It was really sad how great and wonderful things needed to end. =.=

^and yuppppp that's how it ended =( What an experience. Something I`ll never ever forget in my fangirl life. I knew seeing them in SMTOWN wouldn't make me a satisfied fangirl. It made me realize how much I needed to be in one of their SS3 concerts. I seriously need to save up for up.... Until then........................................................................................

I will see you again Super Junior. Thank you for such a wonderful, amazing performance.
You've yet proved to me again that you are so worth of my love, time, effort, money and.... flight.

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