Prosecutor Princess DVD set

AND YES~! I'm official insane. I gave in to the temptation and bought Prosecutor Princess DVD. Seriously. It's soooo pretty, you can never say no to it. I LOVE IT TO DEATH! I haven't even watched it yet but ahhhhhh~ sooo pretty.

siiigh. I can't wait to watch everything. It's going to be awesome. I seriously have to stop falling in love with dramas. It's never cheap.

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Is it worth it?
I came across this post when I was searching Google for the Prosecutor Princess DVD, which I'm determined to buy...but I can't decide if I should be good and buy the $25 regular one I found or fork over $127 for this gorgeous limited edition set...
Re: Is it worth it?
The DVD has decent English subs however only the 16 episodes have the English subs. BTS, Interviews, NGs, MVs etc are not subbed however I`d say it's still enjoyable. Also you get to have goodies included with the DVD (nice DVD case, poster, folder, and some post cards and this mini photobook) So, if you really really love Prosecutor Princess (like how I crazily fell in love with it), I suggest you get this nice DVD package. Not only it is the original Director's Cut release but yknow, it really nice to own it for a collection. and like you said, it's limited edition ^_^ not everyone can have this gorgeous package.

BTW, I bought the DVD at USD130 on its first release soo hmmm guess they put it on sale by 3bucks less. LOL
I also found you the same way as the above person but I was looking at your Dream High DVD pictures! I never usually buy kdrama DVDs but I fell so in love with Dream High that I just had to have the DVD sets. But I wanted to ask you how the english subs are on it? Are they decent or terrible?
English subs are decent :) Well, it seriously has to, given the fact that I spent 150bucks on that. :P The subs are only for the 16 episodes. BTS + additional footage and concert don't have subs. It's still worth it, I say. And like I said to @everlastingsong, it's really nice to own the dramas you loved and enjoyed as a collection.

Which reminds me....I still have to finish watching the DVD. If only I had all the time in the world ~_~
Thanks so much! I'm sorry if I bothered you, but I really appreciated your input. I took the plunge and splurged on buying the sets, but I definitely know how you feel on trying to find the time to fully enjoy the DVDs and all the excellent BTS stuff. Again, thank you so much!
Also, if you don't mind me asking, I noticed from your profile you're from North America too. Since the DVD sets are region 3 and we're region 1, how do you watch your kdrama DVDs? I just end up switching the region on my laptop but you can only do it so many times, so I was just curious what you do.
I have 2 DVD players. ^^ One is the kind where you can buy anywhere (Region 1-players) and the other one was bought in Chinatown. hahaha Chinatown sells DVD players that can play all regions. So I suggest, get your All-Region DVD player from Chinatown. It isn't that expensive. I remember I got my player when I was still in school with my own money. :)

Oh, I never used my laptop to play my non-Region 1 DVDs. You're only allowed three and you can never change it back ~_~

And no problem! You've never bothered me at all. Glad to answer some questions ^^ Anyways, hope you`ll get your own copy of Dream High DVDset soon :)