suju in japan

OMG! these boys are such a wonder. im completely drawn once again.... or should i say... over and over again..

sungmin has a good japanese. i love how he keeps on saying "daisuki" cuz i looooove him too. LMAO.
and ohhh hankyung... my heart is always melting whenever i see you. you're simply the best and the most "awesomest" --> was watching a channel on tv and i heard this word. man, i went crazy. LMAO.

the parts the i really love, i have gif-ed them :)

i spotted a eunhae LOVE<3

waaaah. both siwon and hae gave a cam kiss. :)

see what you get when you want to do a "kangin-abuse"?

you're the most incredible person ever. ilu.

sungmin and his eyebrows. kkkkk

sungmin, you wonder boy :)

last but not the least, when the world.... errr japan is filled with sapphire blue.
its very stunning.
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