Super Junior KRY lightstick

LMAAAOO! As if my lightsticks are still not enough. I should put an end to my lightstick crazinesss! LOOOOL. siigh but what can I do. all these lightsticks are soo pretty in my eyes. They're like shining purposely so that I can get it -_____- Since Japan will only have this, I'm left with no choice but to again, ask my cousin to get it for me -____- I seriously feel soooo bad now. She's soooo nice and I don't know how to return her kindness. She's not even a fan of Super Junior yet she`s soo willing to take time to search where to get this online. I just love her to death. But yea, I have to call my cousin abit later.
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LMMMMAAOOOO. I know. I, too, didn't know I had this "insanity" in me until these lightsticks individually popped out in my life. lol. I'm supposed to be saving up for my LA trip yet what am I doing? TT___TT

*must must must get it* LOOOL