Super Junior The Fourth Album Repackage

Repack album came!~♥

I waited all day just to get this from the mailman. LOL. The tracking site said that it was out for delivery so I didn't leave the house just to make sure I wouldn't miss him. I hate to go to the post office to get it pick up. Too much pain in the neck~~~~~ soo there. As I had expected, it's another 3jib album lookalike.
^That's what it looks like when you opened it. I seriously
have no idea why they put the photobook that way.
If they think it's making the album a little bit unique, well I guess
SM needs most "album stylists" -____--
Hehehe~ on the CD, it's Eunhyuk again just like 3jib's repack CD. ^^

I wasnt too satisfied with the poster this time.

^It wasn't exactly as big as I thought it would be.
Compared to the previous horizontal posters SM released, it's quite small.

^Here's a comparison of 3jib horizontal posters,
it's really small. -____-

^Yeah~ comparison from 3jib Ver B,
4jib Ver A. They're all the same sizes.

I really feel like SM didn't put much effort in promoting SJ's repack. I mean, even up to now, No Other's MV hasn't been released yet. There wasn't even that much of a hype with SJ's repack. SM just released the news that there will be a repackaged version coming up and BAM! that's it... no teaser, no hype, nothing. the CD case is a recycled 2jib and 3jib cases. -_____- Also, it doesn't help either that No Other was leaked before it was officially released. Sooo I dunno, SM keeps on frustrating me the way they treat SJ and fans like this.

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