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Smile You is a family drama. When it says family drama that means the story does not really revolve on the main couple, rather the usual sidestories, the parents of both camps, will get the most of the airtime. The story starts with Seo Jung In who is getting married to someone she is arranged to be married with. Although this is an arranged marriiage, Seo Jung In and Lee Han Se mutually like each other. Unknown to Jung In, her father's company is going bankrupt hence wants to rush off the wedding with Lee's company to save it. Han Se's father figures this out; phones Han Se that if he won't give up on Jung In and come back home, he will take his inheritance away . On the way to the airport for their honeymoon, Han Se decides to choose his inheritance over Jung In to which the leaves her alone the roadside in a wedding gown.

Jung In despises to see her family after what they've done to her. She phones her "grandfather", their chauffeur for more than 50 years who recently got fired out by her dad and asks to stay with him. It is not an easy road for Jung In as she happens to meet her grandfather's grandson, Kang Hyun Soo, who she's had a rough start with.

The Seo family going bankrupt, in the end, leaves them no choice but to live with the chauffeur they fired out .  Things  then begin to change.

I enjoyed watching Smile You. I never really liked family dramas as older generations' issues and problems are not really something I'm interested to watch. I could not careless about yelling ajummas and ajusshis. lol. However with 45 episodes, yes you`ll eventually grow to like and learn about all these characters. It's nice to see how Jung In and Hyun Soo's relationship develops. There are just too much for cuddling, kissing, hugging in this drama which you rarely find in an Asian Drama. I'm glad Smile You does not really stretch out the main couple's problems. I love how they are understandable to each other's circumstances.
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