It's Heeere!

ommmmg, package came!~

Sooo remember how I badly needed this SJ lightstick that was used during Japan Live Premium Event II? Well, I looked around websites to see if anyone's selling them but no one did TT___TT. soo eventually I was "forced" to phone my cousin in Japan if she could get this for me. LOL, yes forced as I cannot speak Japanese well and god, we barely understood each other. LOL. But I guess "kindness" really runs in our family =P She said yes, she would try look for my lightstick. YAAY! She found it and here it is
^OMG! Prettier than I have ever imagined!
There are two lights when you flicker the button. White and Blue.
No wonder pictures I saw were like that.

^Very very cool ain't it? XD
I really really liked it! I shall phone her later to say my gratitude and to request for more. LOOOL. I'm soo abusive. Surprisingly she also included a Mini saturnian lightstick with it. It's soo small compared to the original version of the saturnian. lool. Very pretty. siiiigh one of the many reasons why I should just go and move to Japan. LOL.

^added to the collection! XD
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