Room Sweet Room~♥

Soooooooooo finally got the time to revamp my room; move around some posters to fit and I swear for more upcoming posters, there's going to be no spaces for them lmaaaao. and I seriously want that repack poster up on my wall =.= ohh wells.. so here it is,, sharing my room sweet room~


^These are all the official posters I have that I managed to put everything up... I seriously don't know where to put the future posters now
LMAOOOO. It was soo hard for me to squish all the new poster especially that huuuuge 4th album Ver A poster

^My Super Junior albums!!!!~♥ Collection still incomplete, yes as I still don't have all the SM Town Albums
and OSTs that the boys participated... *saving saving*
My Don't Don Japanese Version Album is still at my ex-bf's house.
grrrr. don't know when can I get it. I'm planning to order Sorry Sorry and Bonamana Japanese Version Album.
I just need to save up more.

^Super Junior goooooooodies!!!!! See what's missing? The lightstick
that was used during Japan Live Premium Event II which I will be getting
this week. Thank you cousin, I looove you.

I don't have magazines. I don't collect them =.=

And these are my other non-SJ stuff. I buy them when I'm just insane and desperate to get them

^You're Beautiful DVD boxset, OSTs and Lee Jun Ki Album.
If I'm still not sane enough, I might really buy Prosecutor Princess DVD boxset.
I just looooove that drama soo much.

Will update the post if I get more new goooooodies~
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