My 希......~♥

Just received my ordered SJ accessories just now.
^Aren't they the prettieeeest?~
I gasped when I saw how big the 希 is.
It was really really big and I loooove it to death.

^The length of the necklace is alright.
It wasn't too gangsta and pendant is really huge O.O
It's really worth the $21. LOL.

^The Hyuk is alright too. It's the same length
as the 希. I also wanted to order his ring but
ehrrrrmmm... I`ll think about it.

^and finally~♥ my lovely 希 ring.
I thought at first it was abit big on
my finger but it's adjustable soo there..
I read some reviews on YesAsia that the
希can be easily bend
but I don't think so; the
希 is very thick. Oh well, it's prolly because I got it
off DVDHeaven....
siiiigh so there my first SJ accessories. Yuup~ for reals, they are my first SJ accessories. I didn't have the money to buy some accesories and now that I'm killing myself with work, lols, I get to buy whatever I want now and not just saving up for albums. hahahaha. Speaking of albums,

^Version C repackage album! XD.
Hopefully this gets delivered before I go for my trip. Or else
it will just sit in the post office for two weeks =((

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curious about the hyuk necklace
wer did u bought the hyuk necklace?the one that full of diamonds??
gomawo..take care
Re: curious about the hyuk necklace
Hi! :) I got the Hyuk necklace from dvdheaven. It's for $30. but I don't think it's made of diamonds though. too cheap for a diamond necklace. hehe.