Victory CD!!!!

My Super Junior Happy - Victory Korea Single Album already came and since this was only a single album  (with literally 3 same songs in it), I did not have high expectations as what it would look like.... So when it arrived, I totally gasped because....

^It is this BIG. It soooo long and it really looked like a CD album that had 14 songs in it. :O
Not only that, I figured out that that is only the front cover of the actual case, double O_O

^So that's what it looks like when I slid the cover case.... OMMMMMG.
really unbelievable, like seriously, you call this a single album????

^Okaaaay, this is the triple O__O__O part....
This is waaay waaaay waaay better and prettier than
the fourth album Version A! I was complaining at how I didn't like the case
of 4jib right? AND BAM! This single album looked alike that 4jib case
but look! the CD is safe with that thing in the middle. It's really a CD case. OMG SOO BEAUTIFUL.

^Comparison of both albums. As you can see the single album is
even longer that 4jib. LMAO.

^I compared it to SuShow DVD and yup, almost same

^So of course, it has photobook as well, that's what it looks like...

Overall comment on the single album, 100% LOVE IT! An album that wasn't really the kind I'm expecting, beautiful cover case, excellent CD case. It's awhole lot better than Super Junior 4th Album. Why hasn't SM thought of this? =.= VICTORY VICTORY KOREA~! dandandandan~

When I ordered the single album, I've been really bothered of what the SJ Clear File stuff I'm seeing on DVDHeaven. They've got like TOOOOONNNNS of those clear files stuff and I was like, wth is that... and soooo, to solve my so-call HUGE problem, lmao, I bought one. hahahha

^soo yup, Clear file = folder. LOOOL.
It's a folder where you keep your important papers safe
and unfolded. ahhahahaah

^THERE! hahahahhahah
case closed.

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