I soo feel like I'm not really an ELF without this. LOOOOL yeah right I'm insane, I've got tooo much lighticks already but still not enough. hahahha... hmmm I could have asked my cousin to get it for me since she is in Japan but ehhhhhhrrrrrrmm,,, it's sooo hard to communicate with her.. lol. She's English illiterate, I'm Japanese illiterate. LMAOOOO. PHAIL! and also I would really want to get my hands on that K.R.Y photobook that can only be sold in Japan =.= I haaate it. I guess if I really am left with no choice, I`ll force myself to talk to her.... and it's not like I know where to buy the goodies too. ahhh this is soooo hard. TT______TT *desperate desperate*
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