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The MV started with Pi breaking up with Maki telling her that he does not love her anymore. Things started to fall apart for Maki; She became pathetic to the point of following and lingering Pi's shadows. She starts to remember the years they've been together; the days when Pi was trying hard to make her fall for him. She even remembers when Pi sincerely talked to her about "forever" and "trusting". She brought all these memories with her in vain. She was miserable, pitiful, alone and empty. However, unknown to Maki, Pi secretly watches her pain. This shows how his fading love for her is not really the reason why he's leaving her for good. Maki then finally decided to just move on, hence cutting her hair signifying a new life....

Years later, just when Maki thought she was able to move on and ready to love again, she reads a newspaper's headline "MVP Yamashita Tomohisa to get married to JBL (Japanese Basketball League)'s CEO's daughter!" That's when she figures out she's not healed at all. The wound started to painfully hurt again. All these years Pi was able to move on and be successful reaching his dream yet she's still there, living and caged in Pi's shadows.

A scene with Pi at the locker room looking at a wedding ring. He starts to remember the ring he was supposed to give to Maki years ago. From this scene, it's obvious he, too, is unable to forget her but again, he chooses dream over love.

The last part of the MV is really painful. Even I was almost teared up when I first watched it after rending the video. Pi and Maki have finally met up. Pi has always had his head down proving his guilt and afraid that once he sees her directly, he might just forget about everything and come running back to her. Maki's eyes are welling up, looking at the Pi who cannot even have the courage to look at her. She starts to remember again the days Pi always made her happy. That Pi from the years before and the guy right in front of her have become two separate individuals. She does not know this man right in front of him. He was not the one she loved. Pi then speaks up, "Goodbye". A word that will finally release Maki from living in his shadows. A word that has not been said for years which is most likely why she's clinging and hoping. Pi and Maki's closure. "Let's never meet again....."

Pi cried for her for the last time signifying he`ll forever live in sadness for choosing dream over love.

By the end of the song, it's Maki in a wedding gown marrying the guy who's been there for her throughout these years. It's Maki's wedding day. The whole MV was eventually just the reminiscent of her first love. They have never met since then and she thanks him for everything, be it the good or bad memories. She`ll keep these and never forgets. She's become a stronger woman who's ready to love again. She's ready to love someone who will only look at her, one who needs only her, one who loves her so much, and one who cannot go a day without her. She's happy. ^___^
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